March News & Updates from Nightfall AI

Michael Osakwe
March 14, 2023
March News & Updates from Nightfall AIMarch News & Updates from Nightfall AI
Michael Osakwe
March 14, 2023
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The Nightfall blog is a knowledge base for cybersecurity professionals with news and insights from the world of cloud security. Each week, we’re publishing new content to help you stay up-to-date on cybersecurity topics and to prepare you for the issues and threats that occur every day on the job. There are many stories worth sharing this month, including:

Enhanced Content Preview feature is launching

Our team is introducing new changes to the alert and violations UI that will result in an enhanced content preview experience. collectively these changes will improve analysts’ workflows by up to 90% by providing rich context and the ability to download content to view violations directly within the Nightfall console. Read our feature update blog post to learn more or schedule a demo to see the feature in action.

Calling all design partners for the Nightfall Zendesk Integration

The Nightfall Zendesk Integration is currently in open beta. If you’re concerned about the potential spread of sensitive information such as secrets, credentials or PII in Zendesk we want to hear from you. We’re looking for design partners who can give us valuable feedback to influence the direction of the product. Contact us to learn more.

Nightfall HIPAA Compliance templates

Following the launch of our new PHI detectors in January, we published templates detailing Nightfall settings that you can use to track PHI in your SaaS environments. You can access these templates here.

See highlights from our latest HIPAA Compliance webinar

Karim Beldjilali, Nightfall CISO and a former customer, provided a detailed overview of his experience with Nightfall at Rightway, a healthcare company in a webinar at the end of January. Watch the highlights to learn how Karim enabled cloud HIPAA compliance with minimal headaches.

Agent-based vs Agentless Cloud Security

Karim also recently wrote an article comparing agent-based security approaches to agentless approaches. Learn the critical differences you need to know to make an informed decision.

The State of Secrets Detection in SaaS applications

Which cloud platform on average holds more Active AWS API keys, Jira or GitHub? If you want to know the answer, read our State of Secrets Detection in SaaS Applications report.

Supply chain attacks continuing in 2023

Supply chain attacks seem to be increasing in 2023, from new highs in 2022. We wrote a report on what you can do to protect yourself from this persistent threat.

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