Introducing Nightfall for Notion

Jeannie Liou
October 25, 2023
Introducing Nightfall for NotionIntroducing Nightfall for Notion
Jeannie Liou
October 25, 2023
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At Nightfall, we’re guided by our customers who trust us to safeguard their sensitive data for every application and AI tool. That’s why we’ve launched Nightfall for Notion as another step in making it simple and seamless for customers to protect their valuable company and customer information.

Why are we partnering with Notion? 

Notion has taken the world by storm with countless tutorials and how-to's. What started off as a trend on TikTok has now become a widely used workflow and project management tool for organizations around the globe. Personalizing boards, using organizational blocks, and tracking goals and expenses are just some of the actions Notion allows you to take. While Notion has been pivotal in transforming collaboration and communication within organizations, this also means that a wide variety of data is inputted into these pages on a daily basis. This data may include credit card numbers, secrets, credentials, and even health information. With this in mind, Notion partnered with Nightfall to help customers keep their sensitive data safe.

Nightfall uses next-gen, AI-powered detectors to gain visibility into the sensitive data items that are shared in Notion. Unlike other solutions on the market today, Nightfall uses the power of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) and finely-tuned Large Language Models (LLMs) to quickly and comprehensively identify and remediate sensitive data. The beauty of integrating with Nightfall is that it can scan the entirety of any Notion workspace, including multiple workspaces, within just one pane of glass: The Nightfall console. 

What are the top use cases of Nightfall for Notion?


Notion can be used as a workspace for individuals to take notes and create follow-up action items. With this in mind, it’s widely adopted by medical professionals. If a healthcare provider inputs notes onto external-facing pages or links to the web and shares this information (either intentionally or unintentionally), the public could then have access to the provider’s notes. However, in this case, Nightfall would scan Notion pages and accompanying files, alerting the provider and their security team about any sensitive data items. Using our AI-native PHI detectors, security teams can pinpoint specific elements of PHI (such as a patient’s name or diagnosis), to see if and where a HIPAA violation occurred.

Once a provider’s security team is alerted of a potential HIPAA violation, they then have the option to view the violation and “Unpublish” the page from the web—all without leaving the Nightfall console. In addition to this action, the security team's workflow can be streamlined even further with the option to automatically remediate sensitive information if it is shared externally. 

Secrets and credentials

As a collaboration tool, Notion can also be used as an internal wiki. Wiki pages often include sensitive information like company passwords or other credentials. With Nightfall for Notion, security teams would be able to view this potentially sensitive information, redact it from those pages, or even unpublish pages entirely, all from within the Nightfall console. They could also remove guests or external users from a page, thereby ensuring that it does not get leaked to the public.


Financial information can be shared in an Excel spreadsheet, Google Drive link, or even on a Notion page that tracks expenses. These pages could include bank routing numbers, CCNs, and other financial information. If this information gets shared directly onto a public Notion page, or via a public link, this puts companies at risk of leaking both company and customer data. Nightfall’s AI-powered detectors for PCI are especially useful in this situation, as they leverage powerful neural networks to understand the specific context surrounding each potential violation. This can help security teams to quickly and accurately address the highest priority alerts first.

What are the key takeaways?

Nightfall for Notion stops sensitive data such as PHI, secrets, keys, and PCI from leaking to Notion pages. Our AI-powered detection engine continues to learn, improve, and adapt, all the while offering security teams the speed and efficiency they need to keep their data secure. We do this specifically in Notion by allowing customers to:

  • Unpublish pages
  • Remove guests or external users from pages

But it doesn’t stop there. Nightfall also helps customers stay compliant and reinforce a culture of security by coaching end users about potentially sensitive data leaks in near-real time. In this case, users receive context-rich alerts along with the option to take manual or automated actions to remediate any sensitive content. 

Detecting and remediating sensitive information is important for achieving and maintaining compliance to industry frameworks, as well as protecting sensitive company and customer data. Can’t wait to get started? Visit Nightfall for Notion today for more information. 

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