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Secure sensitive data from use in AI apps

Monitor and sanitize AI model prompt inputs and outputs to ensure data privacy across all AI usage across your organization, spanning both homegrown and 3rd party AI-powered apps.

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Why Cloud Data Protection is Essential for Addressing Modern Security Challenges

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GenAI, the new threat vector.

It's no secret that AI models rely on high volumes of sensitive enterprise data and context.
It's all too easy for sensitive information like customer records, harmful content, API keys, or intellectual property to creep in during training or inference.
Not to mention, models are deployed in environments that introduce human error, and LLMs are increasingly the target of abuse and attack.
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Why Nightfall?

There’s an easier, scalable way to maintain data privacy for AI app building and usage.

Out of the Box Detection

Nightfall's AI-powered engine finds hundreds of types of secrets and credentials out of the box, so you aren’t writing regexes and validators for every new key type or service.

Protect Homegrown Apps Easily via API

Use Nightfall’s extensible and low latency set of APIs and SDKs as a client wrapper that protects company and customer interactions with GenAI APIs.

Protect Employee Usage of 3rd Party AI Apps

Integrate in minutes with no impact to employee productivity and set up policies to automatically delete, redact, and coach employees to improve data stewardship.

Never fail data privacy controls for AI again.

No more incessant tuning of regexes and rules.

Deploy pre-built, AI-powered detection right out of the box to scan for secret sprawl—making legacy regexes and rule-based approaches a thing of the past.

Flexible protection for homegrown AI apps with just a few lines of code.

In just a few lines of code use Nightfall’s scalable, extensible and low latency set of APIs and SDKs to quickly protect AI apps you’re building.

Employee usage of AI is a game changer, don’t let a lack of visibility get in the way.

ChatGPT, Bard, MS Copilot and others have dramatically improved productivity. Allow your employees to benefit from these applications whilst securing these applications with a native UX all powered by browser and IDE plugins.

Automate remediation.

Ensure continuous compliance and data security by letting Nightfall automatically remediate exposed Secrets, IP, PII, PHI, or PCI data to give security teams time back triaging alerts.

Meet compliance or data privacy requirements.

Nightfall helps organizations meet data privacy controls related to HIPAA, PCI-DSS 4.0, ISO 27001, GDPR and more while allowing your employees and developers to continue reaping benefits from AI.

Triage and remediate where your SOC team lives.

Nightfall directly integrates into SIEMs, ticketing systems, and other security tools so your SOC team can continue managing incident response in their favorite tools.
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Enable safe, responsible AI now.

It's time for full visibility and control.

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