The AI-Native Data Leak Prevention Platform

Discover and remediate PII, PHI, PCI, secrets, and credentials across your SaaS and GenAI stack.

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Why Nightfall?

Discover, classify, and protect your sensitive data in 5 minutes

Integrate easily
Integrate easily

Integrate in minutes to detect sensitive data in 100+ file types, including images, with
no agents to install.

Stay compliant
Stay compliant

Build a human firewall and deploy automated remediation to stay compliant with industry-leading standards like HIPAA, SOC 2, and more.

High accuracy
High accuracy

AI-powered detection helps reduce false positives, saves your security team time, and protects high-risk sensitive data.

Prevent Breaches

Proactively protect your company and customer data

Detect and remediate sensitive data before it becomes a target for threat actors.

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Deploy AI-powered detectors to pinpoint PII, PCI, PHI, secrets, and credentials in over 100 file types.

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Conduct historical scans to uncover hidden risks in stored data.

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Build a human firewall by empowering employees to remediate their own violations.

Protect secrets

Prevent exposure & over-sharing of credentials

Identify and manage secrets and keys from a single dashboard, without installing agents. Nightfall gives you everything you need to protect your secrets.

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API key validation allows your team to confirm whether detected API keys are active.

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Coverage for all your cloud apps meaning you can find and protect Secrets not just in repos, but all your apps such as Jira, Slack and more.

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Industry-leading Secrets detection ensures you find the highest-risks and fewer false positives.

Automate compliance

Take the manual work of maintaining compliance

Automatically monitor for risks to leading standards like HIPAA, ISO 27001, SOC 2, HI-TRUST, GDPR, CCPA, SOX, FedRAMP / NIST 800-53, FERPA, and CMMC.

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Manage alerts in the Nightfall console or your SIEM of choice.

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Streamline triage and remediation by automating alerts and involving employees directly in the remediation process.

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Consolidate reporting to reduce the burden of annual audits.

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Train employees

Educate employees in real time

Build a robust culture of security through automated notifications and custom coaching.

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Broaden the reach of your security awareness training with real-time, context-rich notifications to employees.

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Minimize workflow interruptions by encouraging employees to remediate their own violations or provide business justifications.

Grow revenue

Meet enterprise customer DLP requirements

Nightfall is the fastest and easiest way to prove robust protection of company and customer data to help unlock new enterprise clients.

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Integrate in minutes with no agents or proxies to install or manage. Pre-built integrations for leading SaaS apps, installed with a click.

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Pre-built high-accuracy detection templates that highlight the highest-risk data items, reducing the time spent triaging security alerts.

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Report on compliance in a consolidated view helping you easily prove to potential customers or acquirers your robust data protection.

discover DATA

Uncover sensitive data stored on your SaaS applications

Data cannot be protected if you don't know where it is stored. Nightfall gives you complete visibility and peace-of-mind that your sensitive data is discovered.

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Broad-based scanning with support for 100+ file types including OCR images.

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High-accuracy AI detection with out-of-the-box templates to highlight the highest-risk data.

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Discover and quantify data exposure risks and analyze trends with in-built analytics.

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Coverage for any app with our pre-built integrations and the Developer Platform.

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Sensitive data is spread across your cloud apps

Discover, classify, and protect your data in minutes. Prevent data and compliance risks.


Active keys on average found leaked in the cloud for each 100 employees.


Data breaches are caused by stolen secrets and credentials.

1 in 6 1

Of all active API keys are exposed outside of code repos.

Integrate DLP with your SaaS and GenAI stack

Enhance your productivity apps with AI-native data leak prevention through purpose-built integrations, or extend Nightfall's capabilities anywhere with our versatile APIs.

Platform Overview
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Getting started is easy

Start protecting your data with a 5 minute agentless install.

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