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  • As a managed services provider and web host, Acquia must guard its code repositories proactively to keep its clients' data secure.


  • Nightfall's native GitHub integration provides the level of confidence Acquia needs to have in evaluating the security of code repositories across its GitHub org.

Guarding against data exposure in GitHub

Robert Former is the cybersecurity leader at Acquia. As the Chief Information Security Officer and VP of Security, Robert must ensure security and compliance policies are in place to keep Acquia’s clients data safe. “Our goals are to protect Acquia’s clients’ data and our own data, both from internal attacks and from external attacks,” Robert says. “Our first priority is angled toward the client, because our clients have clients. There's a duty of responsibility for us. When we bring in our client's data, they've made a promise to their clients to protect that data.”

The Acquia security operations team uses different platforms and applications to find vulnerabilities in Acquia’s systems to detect system attacks and data leaks through potentially vulnerable pathways, like GitHub. Guarding against data exposure in GitHub requires a blend of strong data security and compliance expertise.

Meeting cybersecurity challenges with Nightfall DLP

One of the biggest challenges for cybersecurity teams is uniting their data and systems into a central infrastructure to manage threat detection and response more effectively. Acquia’s developers use GitHub for a wide range of functions, including provisioning code for all customer websites in Drupal. Robert’s team is responsible for protecting the massive variety of Acquia’s customer data, including information hosted in GitHub repositories and responding to vulnerabilities that could expose critical information belonging to customers or Acquia employees.

“Nightfall protects us from outside threats and inside vulnerabilities. It has been fantastic in helping us identify programmatic and procedural issues on our teams so that we can remediate them, rather than simply mitigate them.”

Robert Former
CISO and VP of Security

Acquia came to Nightfall looking for a solution to detect secrets and passwords at risk. Nightfall also helps Robert’s team connect the silos across the cybersecurity organization. As the infosec leader, Robert has a more complete overview of where the risks occur and how he can respond to threats with Nightfall. “As a CISO, it’s helpful for me to have the Nightfall dashboard where I can sort and see our findings,” he says. “We can catch issues before they become problems, and we can show where those issues may have been problems in the past.”

Managing all data exposure risk with one platform

Nightfall takes the guesswork out of securing secrets & credentials in GitHub without draining time and resources away from Acquia’s security processes. “The biggest benefit we’ve seen is a drop to zero in security token and password leakage,” Robert says. “The code in our repositories today is safe against internal and external intrusion and compromise. Quite often, tools will be focused on protecting you from the outsider.”

One major benefit for the team is how Nightfall makes it possible to secure all the data under Acquia’s stewardship, including the data that comes from their clients’ clients. With Nightfall, Acquia combines compliance coverage, threat management, and customer confidence in one platform. The cybersecurity team can prove the value of adding data loss prevention (DLP) to their security stack with actionable results from Nightfall’s automated detection and classification of sensitive data, and the Acquia security team can rest easy knowing that Nightfall helps them take a proactive approach to managing their cloud security attack surface.

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