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Prevent inadvertent secret, credential, and password exposure

Accurately detect and remove secrets in business critical apps such as GitHub, Slack, MS Teams, and Jira.

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Why Cloud Data Protection is Essential for Addressing Modern Security Challenges

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Secrets sprawl can lead to privilege escalation and lateral movement.

A compromised workstation provides authenticated access to SaaS apps like Slack and Microsoft Teams.
A single credential discovered in Slack via an attacker who has compromised an employee's login can then be used to move laterally and exfiltrate data from high risk systems like AWS, GCP or Azure.
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Why Nightfall?

There’s an easier, more scalable way to stop secrets sprawl.

Out of the Box Detection

Nightfall's AI-powered engine finds hundreds of types of secrets and credentials out of the box, so you aren’t writing regexes and validators for every new key type or service.

Holistic App Coverage

It’s not enough to scan for secrets in just GitHub repos. Nightfall scans all your critical apps including code, chat, email, ticketing systems both historically and in real-time.

Instant Remediation

Automatically redact, delete, or quarantine exposed secrets to minimize risk, and empower end-users to self-heal issues on their own to avoid getting in the way of development.

An exposed secret will never be a red team finding again.

No more incessant tuning of regexes and rules.

Deploy pre-built, AI-powered detection right out of the box to scan for secret sprawl—making legacy regexes and rule-based approaches a thing of the past.

Integrate in minutes with your riskiest enterprise apps.

Connect seamlessly with SaaS, GenAI, or email apps to start protecting your secrets now wherever they live. All without any impact on your end users.

Improve security culture and correct careless behavior.

Security is a team sport. Instead of blocking the end-user, notify them and give them the tools to fix secret exposure issues directly from chat or email. Foster a culture of security that empowers innovation, instead of one that blocks it.

Automate remediation of exposed secrets.

Ensure continuous compliance and data security by letting Nightfall automatically remediate exposed secrets and credentials.

Prevent privilege escalation.

It feels like every other day that we hear of breaches that result from compromised credentials. Put proactive measures in place that address risk, whether that means cleaning up years of archived data, or remediated exposure as it happens.

Triage and remediate where your SOC team lives.

Nightfall directly integrates into SIEMs, ticketing systems, and other security tools so your SOC team can continue managing incident response in their favorite tools.
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Stop secrets sprawl now.

It's time for full visibility and control.

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