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AI-Native Data Security Posture Management (DSPM)

Get real-time visibility into permissions and sharing settings to prevent security posture drift.

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Why Cloud Data Protection is Essential for Addressing Modern Security Challenges

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Legacy DLP never worked

With legacy DLP, organizations struggle to get visibility and control of sharing and permissions settings across their SaaS environments.
Nightfall for SaaS

Spotty coverage

Legacy DLP requires a patchwork of point solutions and techniques to monitor different parts of the enterprise stack.

Nighfall for data at rest

Low accuracy

Built on rules and heuristics, legacy DLP solutions burden security teams with a high volume of false positive alerts.

Nightfall for ChatGPT

High cost of ownership

When security teams are overwhelmed by alerts, it’s more likely for high-risk true positives to slip through the cracks—putting security and compliance at risk.

Nightfall offers a smarter, more scalable solution

Nightfall leverages generative AI (GenAI) for a dynamic and responsive management approach to your SaaS security posture.

Unparalleled visibility

Monitor sharing and permissions settings across SaaS apps to identify risks in real time.

Enhanced accuracy

Nightfall’s industry-leading GenAI detection engine pinpoints PII, PCI, PHI, secrets, and credentials with fewer false positive alerts.

Automated workflows

Security teams can maintain a secure SaaS environment and ensure continuous compliance by responding to security issues the instant they pop up.

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HIPAA reporting and monitoring made easy

Healthcare organizations need to protect PHI and comply with HIPAA. Nightfall automatically classifies all cloud data and finds at-risk patient data from a single platform.

  • Use prebuilt, high accuracy detectors or create your own

  • Build detection rules for your use cases

    Scan text and files, including images

  • Remediate sensitive data with redaction techniqu

Strengthen your security posture

Leverage Nightfall’s advanced generative AI (GenAI) detectors to secure your sensitive data, both in the cloud and beyond.

Stay on the lookout for suspicious activity

  • Monitor sharing settings and detect permission change events in real time.

  • Set alert thresholds based on the number of permissions changes that occur in a certain time frame (e.g. “10 permission changes in 24 hours”).

  • Reduce noise by tailoring policies according to:

    High-risk users, such as departing employees

    High-risk content, such as specific files, folders, or drives

    High-risk data types, such as PII, PCI, PHI, secrets, or credentials

Get actionable alerts or respond in the Nightfall console

  • Configure alerts to Slack, Teams, Jira, email, or your SIEM of choice.

  • Review rich metadata for relevant users and content in the Nightfall console, including recent activity logs.

  • Take immediate action by blocking downloads, restricting sharing settings, or removing external users.

  • Send custom messages to educate employees about policy violations either in-app or via Slack, Teams, or email.

Supported applications

Extend Nightfall's AI-powered data protection across any of our integrations, or use our Firewall for AI APIs to secure any Saas app, GenAI app, or data pipeline.

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Not all DLP is created equal

Your go-to cloud DLP solution should leverage AI to cut through the noise, reduce security team workloads, and improve your security posture.