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Detect and prevent exfiltration of IP and confidential data

Trace the movement of assets of interest across SaaS apps, browsers, and endpoints and prevent exfiltration based on anomalous behavior or overly permissive access.

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Why Cloud Data Protection is Essential for Addressing Modern Security Challenges

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Departing or high-risk employees may be looking for ways to transfer or steal corporate information.

Yet sensitive data is constantly on the move in the modern enterprise. Traditional security measures struggle to keep pace with the volume and velocity of events, lacking context, and flooding security teams with alerts.
Monitoring the movement of data and interpreting it's lineage is a herculean task without the right telemetry in place.
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Why Nightfall?

There’s an easier, scalable way to stop data exfiltration.

Detect and stop insider risk.

Leverage Nightfall’s generative AI platform to discover sensitive data and monitor data movement across your critical business applications.

Protection from the most common and modern exfiltration vectors.

Nightfall's real-time monitoring capabilities enable the detection of exfiltration through modern vectors such as browser uploads, cloud storage services, and desktop applications.

Data lineage for full exfiltration visibility.

Nightfall traces comprehensive lineage information into all sensitive assets including source of creation, movement across environments, and asset transformations.

Legacy DLP is broken. Stop real insider risks without the noise.

Prevent exfiltration of data from departing or high-risk employees.

Risky employees are more likely to steal sensitive corporate information on their way out. With data lineage technology, diagnose routine behaviors from anomalous ones and prevent exfiltration from the most modern vectors like browser uploads, cloud app sync, AirDrop, and clipboards.

Get direct exfiltration visibility from SaaS apps that store your crown jewels.

Endpoint-only solutions lack visibility and context that SaaS applications can provide. With Nightfall, understand anomalous download activity direct from the source, all within minutes.

Revoke unauthorized sharing in one click.

Create policies to stop overly permissive sharing of files in SaaS applications. Clean up pre-existing exposure all in one click.

Automate remediation.

Ensure continuous compliance and meet DLP controls by letting Nightfall automatically prevent exfiltration of your most sensitive assets.

Empower end-users to build a human firewall.

Security is a team sport. Instead of blocking the end-user, notify them and give them the tools to fix data exposure issues directly from chat or email. Foster a culture of security that empowers innovation, instead of one that blocks it.

Integrate into SOC workflows.

Instrument Nightfall detections into SIEMs, ticketing systems, and other security tools to increase SOC efficiency and streamline incident response.
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Stop data exfiltration now.

It's time for full visibility and control.

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