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Protect sensitive personal data for privacy and compliance

Detect PII, PCI, and PHI with high accuracy across SaaS, email, AI apps, and endpoints to keep data safe, private, and compliant.

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Why Cloud Data Protection is Essential for Addressing Modern Security Challenges

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It’s too easy for employees to leak personal data across apps unknowingly or accidentally.

Uncontrolled PII proliferation increases the impact of a data breach and introduces compliance risks, especially in relation to frameworks like HIPAA, PCI, and GDPR.
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Why Nightfall?

There’s an easier, scalable way to safeguard personal information.

Detect any type of personal information.

Leverage Nightfall’s GenAI detection engine for the industry’s most accurate detection—and fewest false positives alerts. Out of the box coverage for PII, PCI, and PHI across 50+ geographies.

Train and educate employees in real-time.

Educate employees with custom notifications about security policies, and empower them to remediate their own violations contextually. Leverage Nightfall’s human-centric approach to strengthen your security posture and streamline your security workflows.

Lightweight deployment and automated remediation.

Integrate in minutes to detect sensitive data in 100+ file types, including images. Real-time alerts, automated remediation actions, and out of the box reporting to reduce compliance workload.

Here's how it works.

It starts with a world-class detection engine at the core.

Deploy pre-built, AI-powered detection rules right out of the box to scan for personal data — making legacy regexes and rule-based approaches a thing of the past.

Nightfall integrates in minutes with your enterprise apps.

Connect seamlessly with SaaS, GenAI, or email apps via APIs to start protecting your sensitive data wherever it lives. All without any impact on your network.

Monitor high-risk employees and careless behavior.

Easily create policies that are adapted to the biggest risks in your environment and aligned with compliance frameworks.

Automate remediation of exposed PII.

Ensure continuous compliance and data security by letting Nightfall automatically remediate your sensitive PII, PCI, and PHI in real time.

Foster a privacy-conscious culture.

Data privacy is a team sport. Educate and empower employees with real-time notifications and guided remediation, turning them into active participants in data protection efforts. Foster a culture of privacy and security that empowers innovation, instead of one that blocks it.

Streamline compliance audit and reporting.

Use out of the box reporting to validate and prove your privacy posture. Automate PII identification and protection to maintain continuous compliance with global privacy regulations, reducing manual effort and human error.
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Safeguard personal information today.

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