5 Expert Tips for Protecting Your Enterprise’s Sensitive Data

The Nightfall Team
March 20, 2024
5 Expert Tips for Protecting Your Enterprise’s Sensitive Data5 Expert Tips for Protecting Your Enterprise’s Sensitive Data
The Nightfall Team
March 20, 2024
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ICYMI, Nightfall recently launched a suite of enterprise DLP offerings including Data Exfiltration Prevention, Data Encryption, Sensitive Data Protection for SaaS and Email, and SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM)

To celebrate our new offerings, as well as our sixth birthday, we took a moment to gather insights from investors including Ryan Nece, Enrique Salem, Maynard Webb, Frederic Kerrest, and Kelvin Beachum Jr. regarding the threats facing the modern enterprise — and how Nightfall can help to mitigate them. 

The future of Enterprise Data Leak Prevention (DLP)

Enterprises have long needed an alternative to legacy DLP. Outdated solutions are notoriously noisy and can’t keep up with today’s evolving threat landscape, which is exemplified by the fact that 95% of enterprises experienced more than one breach in the last year. Here are the trends that Nightfall investors see making an impact. 

What new attack vectors and tactics are being exploited?

Enrique Salem: The perimeter is dissolving, which creates a new set of problems and potential attack vectors. Those who want to exploit businesses are acutely aware of this and will target tools outside of the traditional perimeter, like SaaS and those using generative AI, which may contain sensitive data or lead to privileged access downstream. Cyberattacks are also getting more sophisticated and use generative AI to carry out phishing attacks.

How is AI transforming data protection?

Maynard Webb: Hackers are using AI to gain access to sensitive data, so it only stands to reason that we should employ AI to protect against these threats. The speed and accuracy with which AI can protect data is remarkable, and we’re beginning to see innovative AI-based solutions that safeguard data by detecting vulnerabilities and automating remediation.

The future of Nightfall AI

Nightfall is the first platform that leverages GenAI to make DLP smarter and more scalable. Here’s why investors believe in this approach.

Why is Nightfall uniquely positioned to mitigate risks to the enterprise, and what does this say about Nightfall's growth?

Enrique Salem: Employees at enterprise companies want to use cutting-edge technology, but legacy security vendors weren’t built to protect distributed, modern applications that live outside a company’s perimeter. Nightfall’s approach allows enterprises to use innovative technology with peace of mind.

Nightfall is already trusted by many Fortune 500 companies. How will this new feature set make it even more prevalent in the enterprise market?

Ryan Nece: There’s a clear enterprise need for an all-inclusive data protection platform, and Nightfall’s new offering will fill it. At the enterprise level, the rate at which data is created and shared — especially in SaaS and GenAI environments — is astonishing. By addressing the multitude of SaaS security issues from data encryption, data exfiltration prevention, to sensitive data protection, enterprises get the DLP coverage they need in one place. Even further, the insights gleaned from Nightfall give organizations a much better view of behavioral patterns and identify what actions are most important. 

What makes Nightfall different from other tech companies?

Kelvin Beachum Jr.: What sets Nightfall apart is their sharp intuition. As many organizations scrambled to determine their place in the AI ecosystem last year, Nightfall was already there. In fact, they’d been there for quite a while. [Co-founders] Isaac and Rohan understood how transformative AI was years ago and put stakes in the ground, using the technology as the bedrock for their solutions. It says a lot about their ability to spot trends and quickly build smart offerings around them. 

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