Nightfall AI Launches Human Firewall Feature to Help SecOps Teams Tackle High-Volume Alerts with Velocity

The Nightfall Team
November 30, 2023
Nightfall AI Launches Human Firewall Feature to Help SecOps Teams Tackle High-Volume Alerts with VelocityNightfall AI Launches Human Firewall Feature to Help SecOps Teams Tackle High-Volume Alerts with Velocity
The Nightfall Team
November 30, 2023
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SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 30, 2023—Nightfall AI, the industry’s leading AI-native data leak prevention (DLP) platform, announced today that it’s rolling out a new human firewall feature for top SaaS apps like Slack, Microsoft Teams, GitHub, and more. This new feature helps to expedite SecOps workflows by involving employees directly in the remediation process. Nightfall customers can start using the human firewall feature for supported cloud applications starting today.

In today’s complex market, security teams are often understaffed and lack scalable DLP solutions. Legacy DLP solutions present several challenges that perpetuate security team burnout, including a high volume of alerts and a corresponding lag in remediation time. These pitfalls ultimately put businesses at risk of data leaks and breaches. Meanwhile, Nightfall’s human firewall feature helps businesses to:

  • Scale security team operations: As remediation no longer relies solely on SecOps teams, and is instead balanced among multiple stakeholders, organizations can review and address a higher volume of potential violations more quickly. As such, they will be able to reduce their operational costs while also mitigating risk of sensitive data exposure.
  • Educate employees without causing disruption: In addition to remediating violations, end users can help SecOps teams by reporting false positives or providing business justifications for sensitive data items. These processes not only make security teams more efficient, but also prevent end users from experiencing workflow disruptions.
  • Build a unified culture of security: By notifying end users about policy violations in real time, SecOps teams can facilitate long-term learning and perpetuate a stronger culture of security.

“As security teams undergo a shift from traditional DLP and CASBs to AI-native cloud DLP platforms, they need an effective way to address a wide variety of SaaS and GenAI-related threat scenarios,” says Nightfall Co-Founder and CEO, Isaac Madan. “By encouraging employees to remediate their own violations, businesses not only reduce the burden on security teams, but also strengthen their overall culture of security.”

Organizations like MovableInk, Klaviyo, and Aaron’s have relied on Nightfall to achieve increased levels of productivity at a lower cost. Human firewall remediation options are available today for both new and existing Nightfall customers. To learn more about Nightfall’s integrations with leading SaaS apps and GenAI tools, please visit the Nightfall website, request a demo, or request a free trial.

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