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Nightfall for SaaS integrates in minutes to protect sensitive data and ensure pain-free compliance with HIPAA, SOC 2, PCI-DSS, and other industry-leading standards.

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Agentless, painless DLP

Nightfall gives you everything you need to improve your security posture and be audit ready—all from within the Nightfall console.

Reduce risk, build trust

  • Ensure out-of-the-box compliance.

  • Meet customer DLP requirements and unblock revenue streams.

  • Discover and act on sensitive data that's both in use and at rest.

  • Prevent downstream privilege escalation attacks by remediating exposed secrets and credentials.

Get full visibility into your data

  • Integrate seamlessly with SaaS apps and GenAI tools.

  • Use high-accuracy, AI-powered detection to scan hundreds of file types for sensitive data like PII, PCI, PHI, secrets, and credentials.

  • Manage DLP policies from the Nightfall console or your SIEM of choice.

  • Triage alerts with context-rich previews that include information like when and where violations take place, as well as snippets of unredacted findings.

Coach and empower employees

  • Send customized notifications to educate employees about company policies and security best practices—all in real time.

  • Avoid workflow disruptions by encouraging employees to remediate their own violations, provide business justifications, and report false positives.

  • Enhance employee productivity without blocking the use of cloud apps or GenAI tools.

Key features

  • OAuth based, API only setup in minutes.

  • Least privilege access with minimal permissions.

  • Auto-discovery of the entire SaaS app hierarchy:

    • Public, private, connect channels in Slack
    • Shared drives, files in Google Drive.
    • All projects in Jira & Confluence.
    • Standards and custom objects, fields in Salesforce.
    • All repositories across organizations in GitHub.
  • Contextual policies with real-time scanning. Machine learning trained pre-defined to detect secrets and credentials, PCI, PII, PHI or other sensitive data.

  • Real-time visibility across alerting platforms like Slack, Email, Webhooks in any third party SIEM or reporting tool.

  • Monitoring and reporting capabilities in the console for rapid investigations and triage.

  • Support for 100+ file types including OCR images, xls/xlsx, doc/docx, csv, plain text, ppt/pptx, zip/archive, PDF, HTML, Parquet and more.

  • Automated and manual remediation actions including:

    • Redact

    • Delete

    • Acknowledge

    • Notify employee

    • Report false positive

  • Option to involve employees directly in the remediation process.

  • Flexibility to manage alerts in Slack, email, or your SIEM of choice.

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HIPAA reporting and monitoring made easy

Healthcare organizations need to protect PHI and comply with HIPAA. Nightfall automatically classifies all cloud data and finds at-risk patient data from a single platform.

  • Use prebuilt, high accuracy detectors or create your own

  • Build detection rules for your use cases

    Scan text and files, including images

  • Remediate sensitive data with redaction techniqu

Supported applications

Extend Nightfall data leak prevention across our secured applications, plus the ability to cover any application with our Developer Platform.

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