New at Nightfall: February '24 Product Update

The Nightfall Team
February 29, 2024
New at Nightfall: February '24 Product UpdateNew at Nightfall: February '24 Product Update
The Nightfall Team
February 29, 2024
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This month, the Nightfall team has some exciting product enhancements to share with you, including an expansion of our secrets detectors as well as brand new APIs for automated workflows. Dive in to find out what we've been working on—as well as what's coming next.

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Enhance your secrets detection

Nightfall’s expanded password and database connection string detectors are here to help you strengthen your secrets detection. 

We’ve trained our password detector to recognize and ignore passwords in code that may be sample or placeholder passwords, as well as encrypted or redacted passwords. For example, if curly bracket variable syntax is used to assign a password, like "password": {password}, Nightfall will now ignore the placeholder variable rather than report it as a violation.

Moving on to database connection strings, Nightfall can now detect URI-based connection strings, driver-based connection strings, and key-value-pair-based connection strings, among others. In addition to capturing a more comprehensive range of findings, Nightfall will now also check connection strings and ignore those without usernames, or those containing non-sensitive passwords.

In short, both of these enhancements have proven to minimize false positive alerts and streamline security team workflows. Curious to learn how Nightfall’s generative AI-powered detection can help your team save time on monitoring and remediation? Check out our most recent blog post.

Automate your workflows with APIs

View, search, annotate, and take action against violations in SaaS apps, all from the comfort of the Nightfall API. Visit our dedicated help doc for further information, including a list of supported APIs, request / response codes, and more. 

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Get a sneak peek at what’s coming up next 

Nightfall has a series of new launches on the horizon—and we’re on the lookout for design partners. Design partners will not only get a first look at our latest products, but also have an opportunity to influence Nightfall’s product roadmap moving forward.

Interested in becoming a design partner, or signing up for early access to our latest releases? Contact today!

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