Secure Your AI apps and data pipelines with Nightfall’s Firewall for AI

The Nightfall Team
May 22, 2024
Secure Your AI apps and data pipelines with Nightfall’s Firewall for AISecure Your AI apps and data pipelines with Nightfall’s Firewall for AI
The Nightfall Team
May 22, 2024
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Last week’s release of OpenAI’s GPT-4o, along with the story around Slack’s AI training policy, goes to show that AI innovation is happening at a rate where, for most companies, security simply can’t keep up. 

From customer service chatbots to enterprise search tools, companies are scrambling to stay on the cutting edge of innovation by leveraging third-party large language models (LLMs) like OpenAI and Anthropic—if they’re not building their own models themselves. However, in this fervent pursuit, it’s all too easy to lose sight of data stewardship. This lapse in data governance might lead to accidental data exposure or open up vulnerabilities to malicious attacks like data extraction, prompt injection, jailbreaking, data poisoning, and more. As a result? Companies who consume or build AI could be found noncompliant with privacy standards like the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which can mean costly fines, legal issues, and the loss of customer trust. 

In short, organizations need a way to protect company and customer interactions with AI models—and they need to be able to do so at an enterprise scale. 

Enter: Nightfall’s Firewall for AI.

Nightfall’s set of APIs and SDKs act as a client wrapper to filter sensitive data from AI inputs, training data, and outputs by:

  • Intercepting prompts containing sensitive data before they’re sent to third-party LLMs or included in first-party AI models training data. 
  • Filtering out sensitive data during every phase of the model-building process, from training to fine-tuning to retrieval-augmented generation (RAG), and beyond. 
  • Detecting and preventing adversarial attacks like prompt injection, jailbreaking, and data poisoning, as well as creating conversational guardrails.

Nightfall’s Firewall for AI is an extension of Nightfall’s industry-leading detection engine, which offers unmatched precision, throughput, and reliability. For security teams, this translates to 4x fewer false positive alerts as well as a resulting 4x increase in time savings. For customers, this means low-latency responses that don’t block business workflows. 

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