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Integrate in minutes with your cloud apps to instantly protect sensitive data (PII, PHI, Secrets and Keys, PCI) and prevent breaches. Ensure you stay compliant with leading standards such as ISO 27001 and more — all powered by Nightfall's industry-leading detection.

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Sensitive data is spread across your cloud apps

Discover, classify and protect your data in minutes. Prevent data and compliance risks.


Active keys on average found leaked in the cloud for each 100 employees.


Data breaches are caused by stolen secrets and credentials.

1 in 6 1

Of all active API keys are found outside of GitHub (Slack, Confluence, etc.)

Why Nightfall?

Discover, classify, and protect your sensitive data in 5 minutes

Integrate easily

Integrate in minutes to detect sensitive data in 100+ file types, including images  with
no agents to install.

Stay compliant

Continuous data monitoring and automated remediation keeps your business compliant with industry-leading standards.

Increase productivity

ML-powered detection helps reduce false positives, saves your security team time, and protects high-risk sensitive data.

Agentless, painless DLP

Nightfall is the leading DLP platform for the cloud. Find and fix sensitive data exposures across your SaaS and cloud apps. Improve data security hygiene and stay compliant.

SaaS Integrations

Prebuilt DLP support for leading SaaS apps, setup in minutes.


Centralized management for security alerts and actions, with inbuilt SIEM support.

Developer Platform

Build data classification and protection into any application.

Detection Engine

ML-powered detection with support for 100+ file types, reducing false positives.

Why Nightfall?

Protect sensitive data exposure in minutes.

Fastest implementation

Integrate in minutes to detect sensitive data in 100+ file types, including images.

Easiest to use & manage

Real time alerts and automated remediation actions, to reduce compliance workload.

Accurate detection

ML-based detectors identify sensitive data with high accuracy.

Comprehensive coverage

Coverage for all users even if users are on BYOD devices and unmanaged networks.

Employee friendly

No agents, no proxies. Notify end-users to self-heal and improve data security hygiene.

Proactive protection

Get actionable context and insights in the Nightfall Dashboard, SIEM, email or Slack.

Data protection made easy

Nightfall is the leading data leak prevention platform for SaaS & cloud. Nightfall helps your organization find and fix sensitive data exposure across your SaaS and cloud apps to improve data security hygiene and stay compliant.

Reduce risk, build trust

  • Ensure out of the box compliance with HIPAA, PCI, and more. 
Meet customer DLP requirements and unblock
    revenue teams.

  • Prevent downstream privilege escalation via exposed 
credentials & secrets.

  • Detect and take action on sensitive data exposure 
both instantly and at-rest.

Increase visibility & operational efficiency

  • Integrate in minutes with SaaS apps, and manage DLP policies from a single interface. Get full visibility into sensitive data across your SaaS apps.

  • Use high-accuracy, machine learning based detectors to scan hundreds of file types for sensitive data. Share & review 
context-rich security violations in your SIEM, Slack, 
or the Nightfall dashboard.

  • Monitor and analyze risk trends to know where to focus. 
Shift DLP from reactive to proactive.

Coach & empower employees

  • Remove data exposure without blocking users or apps.

  • Enable employees to self-heal easily with minimal overhead 
with notifications and coaching. Build a culture of trust and 
strong data security hygiene.

  • No agents or proxies to get in the way.

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Extend Nightfall data leak prevention across native integrations, plus the ability to cover any application with our Developer Platform.

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