How to Identify & Protect Sensitive Data in AWS

Some of the biggest data leaks in history have occurred due to problems with Amazon Web Services (AWS S3), like permissions misconfigurations, secrets mismanagement, improper security configurations, or maintaining a poor visibility environment.

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Watch this recorded webinar on how Nightfall helps your org protect business-critical data in AWS S3.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The AWS shared responsibility model and why adopting processes, controls, and tools to secure cloud environments is essential
  • The differences between Nightfall and Amazon Macie
  • How Nightfall provides a single pane of glass and true machine learning capabilities that level up your org‚Äôs security posture
  • The flexibility of Nightfall on AWS platforms like integrating with Redshift, RDS, Dynamo, and more
  • The role of data loss prevention (DLP) tools in ensuring regulatory and compliance regimes for your specific industry
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