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Learn how Assurance IQ leverages Nightfall AI to stay secure while scaling their business.

Assurance IQ leverages machine learning and data science to provide personalized guidance that makes finding and using insurance easier. Assurance IQ’s mission is to help people improve their personal and financial well-being—and as such, safeguarding customer data is paramount. Read on to learn why Assurance IQ chose Nightfall to help maintain continuous compliance and streamline security workflows.

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Staying compliant and secure 

Since its founding in 2016, Assurance IQ has helped more than 170 million people look for the right insurance. The company’s network of over 3,000 agents are dedicated to providing personalized guidance and product recommendations to each customer. Compliance is core to building and maintaining customer trust, especially when it comes to protecting PII, PHI, and other sensitive customer data.

One critical aspect of compliance is total data visibility. With seamless API integrations for SaaS apps like Slack, Jira, and Confluence, Nightfall provides unparalleled visibility across the cloud and beyond. “Until you have a microscope to zoom into your tools and data, you might not realize what you’re looking for,” says Alexa Dazzo, Assurance IQ’s Director of Information Security. “Nightfall is that microscope for us; it gives us better control and security for our platforms.”

“It was minutes for us to be up and running with full visibility and transparency into Slack, Jira, and Confluence.”

Another crucial aspect of compliance? Speed to remediation. This is where Nightfall’s advanced GenAI detectors come into play; Nightfall’s detectors are twice as precise as the competition, which means that when they find an instance of sensitive data, it’s twice as likely that that finding will be a true positive. With fewer false positive alerts, security teams are free to respond to high-priority alerts the instant they pop up, thereby eliminating risks to compliance in real time. 

“As Nightfall continues to add new features, we can seamlessly integrate them into our workflows. This continuously expands our footprint of coverage.”

Nightfall also sends real-time alerts directly to Slack, email, and the Nightfall console for maximum efficiency. “Having all our alerts come through a single Slack channel allows us to take quick action and investigation in real time without having to leave Slack,” says Dazzo. This feature is just one of a multitude of ways in which Nightfall helps maintain continuous compliance while also simplifying Assurance IQ’s security team workflows. 

Lowering total cost of ownership

With enhanced precision, and fewer false positive alerts, Nightfall’s GenAI detectors empower security teams to automate remediation for additional time savings. These time savings are critical when it comes to scaling security operations, especially for rapidly growing companies like Assurance IQ. “We wanted to scale in an efficient and cost-effective way,” explains Dazzo. “With this in mind, we wanted a DLP solution that fit seamlessly into our existing workflows without causing disruptions.”

“Nightfall worked right out of the box for us. It’s at the forefront of new tooling, tech, and feature requests. This helps us to drive business and security value quickly.”

In addition to automating remediation, Assurance IQ takes Nightfall’s solution a step further by dispatching automated notifications to educate employees about company policies. “Custom notifications allow us to drive training without having to be manually involved,” says Dazzo. “This improves employee awareness of our policies, and helps us to build a strong security culture across our collaboration tools.” 

Leveraging data to drive growth

Last, but not least, Nightfall’s user-friendly console provides Assurance IQ with actionable insights as they roadmap their ongoing security program. “Nightfall’s violations dashboard gives us a bird’s eye view across our product suite,” says Dazzo. “We like that Nightfall gives us the ability to filter by integration, policy, detector type, and more.” With these useful insights in mind, customers like Assurance IQ can tune their detectors, adjust their existing policies, and create new policies to strengthen their security posture even further over time. 

Finding an ideal DLP solution

Assurance IQ’s experience with Nightfall showcases the importance of having an efficient and scalable DLP solution. By having the right DLP tool, customers can ensure compliance and data security while also gleaning helpful insights that inform their growth strategy. “Find a DLP solution that scales with you, not against you,” Dazzo advises. “You want to look for a DLP tool that provides comprehensive coverage, works quickly, is at the forefront of new technologies, and is willing to iterate when your needs change. For us, that’s Nightfall AI.”

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