The Comprehensive, AI-Native Data Security Platform

Our AI-powered platform provides end-to-end protection for your sensitive data across the entire enterprise attack surface, from SaaS apps and email to endpoints and AI models.

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Why Cloud Data Protection is Essential for Addressing Modern Security Challenges

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Legacy DLP can’t protect the modern enterprise

Nightfall for SaaS

Patchwork coverage

Legacy DLP solutions require a patchwork of point solutions and DLP techniques to monitor different parts of the enterprise stack.

Nighfall for data at rest

Low precision

Built on rules and heuristics, legacy DLP solutions burden security teams with a high volume of false positive alerts.

Nightfall for ChatGPT

Weakened security posture

With a high volume of false positive alerts, it’s more likely for high-risk true positives to slip through the cracks.

Enterprise DLP for the age of AI

Discover sensitive data across every facet of your Teams workspace

Leverage Nightfall’s powerful generative AI (GenAI) detection engine

  • Pinpoint PII, PCI, PHI, secrets, and credentials with double the precision of competitors like Google DLP, Microsoft Purview, and AWS Comprehend.

  • Scan data in use and at rest across SaaS, GenAI, email, and endpoints.

  • Monitor permissions, sharing settings, and file transfers to proactively mitigate insider risk.

Get customizable insights at a glance

  • Receive real-time alerts via Slack, Teams, Jira, email, or your SIEM of choice.

  • Create and manage adaptive policies based on high-risk detection rules, users, or content types.

  • Use powerful search capabilities to discover incidents associated with specific users, apps, files, policies, sensitive data types, and more.

Discover sensitive data across every facet of your Teams workspace

Coach and empower employees to take action

  • Send custom notifications to inform employees about policy violations and educate them about cyber hygiene best practices.

  • Encourage employees to remediate their own violations by redacting sensitive data, providing business justifications, or flagging false positive findings.

  • Automatically resolve alerts in the Nightfall console once violations have been remediated.

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The Business Case for Cloud Data Protection
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Deepwatch improves visibility into SaaS apps & GenAI tools
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Supported applications

Extend Nightfall's AI-powered data protection across any of our integrations, or use our Firewall for AI APIs to secure any Saas app, GenAI app, or data pipeline.

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