January News & Updates from Nightfall AI

Michael Osakwe
January 19, 2023
January News & Updates from Nightfall AIJanuary News & Updates from Nightfall AI
Michael Osakwe
January 19, 2023
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The Nightfall blog is a knowledge base for cybersecurity professionals with news and insights from the world of cloud security. Each week, we’re publishing new content to help you stay up-to-date on cybersecurity topics and to prepare you for the issues and threats that occur every day on the job. There are many stories worth sharing this month, including:

Nightfall live webinar and new PHI detector demonstration

We’re introducing a new detector to the Nightfall platform. Named the PHI detector, this new detector is designed to allow you to zero-in on violations specifically involving HIPAA defined PII in combination with health information without having to manage multiple individual detectors. Join us on Thursday 1/26 at 10 AM PT for a webinar and live demonstration of the detector. The first 50 registrants will receive a free Nightfall t-shirt!

Nightfall Advanced Secrets Detection feature now available

Today, we’re introducing advanced secrets detection to the Nightfall platform. Our existing API detector has been re-tuned to individually identify secrets from the top 25 most popular services like AWS, Square, Alibaba, and others, with support for even more vendor secrets forthcoming. When Nightfall’s API detector finds a secret, you’ll now be notified about which service the secret is associated with as well as whether or not the secret is live. This functionality is intended to help improve and expedite your remediation workflows. Watch our demo or read our new blog post to learn more!

See our amazing 2022 in review!

At the end of December we recapped all of the amazing accomplishments we were able to achieve last year, from our Series B to our Developer Platform partnerships and much more.

Learn the 4 biggest takeaways for GitHub Security in 2023

We also recapped 11 of 2022’s largest GitHub security stories to distill 4 important infosec lessons worth taking into 2023. Read here.

Read about the New ISO 27001 DLP Requirement

The ISO 27001:2022 revision includes a new data leakage prevention requirement. We’ve written two blog posts, one summarizing major changes to the ISO 270001 and another detailing the new DLP requirement. Read both to get an overview of the critical changes you need to know about. 

Learn the seven first principles for building a zero trust program

Zero trust has been nearly reduced to a platitude with the term garnering a substantial amount of eye rolling and fatigue from security professionals due to its overuse. We wrote a primer disambiguating the types of zero trust security in order to help you think about if zero trust is valuable to you.

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