Nightfall 2022 in Review: A Look at the Exciting Developments in the Past Year

Michael Osakwe
December 22, 2022
Nightfall 2022 in Review: A Look at the Exciting Developments in the Past YearNightfall 2022 in Review: A Look at the Exciting Developments in the Past Year
Michael Osakwe
December 22, 2022
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The demand for cloud security continues to increase in the face of supply chain attacks affecting the security of hundreds of thousands of organizations on platforms like GitHub. These concerning developments are among the reasons why we’re building Nightfall and are top of mind as we pursue our vision of enabling data security everywhere in the cloud. 

2022 has been a busy and exciting year for us here at Nightfall as we’ve built out the platform in response to these developments. We wanted to take the time to reflect on what we accomplished this year and how it’s moving our vision forward. We thought about using ChatGPT to write the below as Christmas carol, but alas the Grinch would to allow for such festive frivolity.

Nightfall customers mitigated impacts of a supply chain attack

In May of this year, we learned about a GitHub supply chain attack impacting users of TravisCI and Heroku. One of our customers, Dividend Finance, personally reached out to us to tell us how critical a role we played in preemptively mitigating the security risk as well as how we helped determine potential indicators of compromise during the incident. Nightfall helps its customers every day, but this is the perfect illustration of how much of a difference Nightfall can make during a major incident.

Snyk, Cribl, Virtu, & Hanzo are leveraging our Developer Platform

Through the Nightfall Developer Platform, organizations can bake in security into their internal or external applications, in 2022 we saw strong growth. We are thrilled that Nightfall is being integrated into ecosystems like Snyk and Cribl and that enterprise applications like Hanzo and Virtru have made Nightfall a part of the core logic of their application.

We raised our $40 million Series B

Having just come out of stealth in 2019, we’re ecstatic that we were able to raise our $40 million Series B despite uncertain market conditions this year. This is a testament to the urgency of our vision to enable robust data security protection everywhere across the cloud. Our investment round generated interest from not only traditional investors, but CISOs and security professionals who have first-hand experience dealing with the problems we’re solving and understand the power of our solution.

Nightfall core features continue to grow

This year, Nightfall enjoyed dozens of new feature additions across our entire platform. Some highlights include:

We launched new Salesforce, Asana, and Zendesk integrations

We saw an outpouring of enthusiasm as we launched integrations for Salesforce, Asana, and Zendesk. At Dreamforce we met with hundreds of professionals who were extremely excited to see a powerful and automated compliance solution for Salesforce. What audiences found most valuable was that Nightfall’s powerful detection and remediation capabilities did not come at the expense of disrupting the workflows of non-security employees. We’re extremely excited that we’ll be bringing these capabilities into more applications and platforms in 2023. We also have a few exciting integrations to announce in early 2023, think of it as our New Year’s gift.

We were recognized as #1 DLP Momentum Leader

In this year’s G2 Winter Report, Nightfall was acknowledged by our customers as the momentum leader in data loss prevention. We also received accolades for our platform’s ease of setup and our overall ease to do business with. This is a testament to the customer centric values that drive our work every day.

We launched our new website

Finally, with just three days before Christmas we launched our new website. This updated branding and messaging reflects our vision for the future of cloud native Data Leak Prevention.

Onwards, to 2023!

2023 will be packed with just as many exciting announcements and stories, so make sure to keep an eye out. If you want to be kept in the loop about the latest Nightfall feature updates and product offerings, sign up for our newsletter through the form on the left or click here to reach out to us.

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