Nightfall Introduces 3 Powerful Remediation Features to Enhance Security Teams’ Efficiency

Michael Osakwe
February 24, 2022
Nightfall Introduces 3 Powerful Remediation Features to Enhance Security Teams’ EfficiencyNightfall Introduces 3 Powerful Remediation Features to Enhance Security Teams’ Efficiency
Michael Osakwe
February 24, 2022
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Our team has been hard at work with continuous updates to improve and streamline the Nightfall DLP platform. We wanted to share with you the latest platform updates guaranteed to improve the speed at which security administrators and teams will be able to remediate incidents.

Here’s what’s new: 

1. Slack Content Redaction

We’re very excited to announce to our Nightfall Enterprise customers that our service now enables users to redact sensitive content within Slack messages as a manual or automated action.

Messages that are flagged for redaction will have the text of any sensitive information matching our detectors partially omitted from the message. For example, a message containing a US Social Security number such as: “123-45-6789” would only contain the leading characters and would read as: “12****-****.” Any text surrounding the identified sensitive data would remain unaffected.

This provides a "light-touch" remediation option for users looking to moderate content in Slack or otherwise remove specific information within messages.    

This feature has already been enabled for existing Nightfall Enterprise customers. To learn more, you can read about token redaction in our help center.

2. Contextual Snippets for Sensitive Findings

A heavily requested feature, snippets for findings, will soon be implemented across the entire Nightfall platform. 

Now, every violation will contain a snippet that shows the redacted finding as well as 20 characters of context before and after the finding. 

This has several benefits: 

  • Findings within spreadsheets will now contain the specific tab and cell containing the finding, allowing for quick identification of findings in CSVs and similar file types.
  • The Alert UI has been updated so that you can, at a glance, see findings as well as where they were found at the very top of the alert. The feature should be enabled within your account later this month.

The feature was enabled earlier this week. For more information, read our help center article or contact your account manager.

3. Custom Messages for End-user Notifications

For our final update, we have a popular Slack feature that will now be available across the broader Nightfall Platform. Admins can now create custom messages for alerts sent to end-users who trigger policy violations. These messages will appear in alerts sent via email or Slack and can ultimately serve as a way to educate internal users of cloud platforms about the data security policies of your organization, and how to avoid breaking policy in the future.

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