Nightfall Enables Advanced Secret Detection with Enhanced Machine Learning API Key Detector

Michael Osakwe
January 19, 2023
Nightfall Enables Advanced Secret Detection with Enhanced Machine Learning API Key DetectorNightfall Enables Advanced Secret Detection with Enhanced Machine Learning API Key Detector
Michael Osakwe
January 19, 2023
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Compromised secrets and credentials are the most common cause of data breaches and are often left unmanaged. In the past year alone, we’ve seen sustained growth in supply chain attacks and security incidents impacting the security of secrets stored in code repos or unknowingly shared within SaaS applications. Because of this, there is a compelling need for reliable, accurate, and actionable secrets detection for modern organizations. Moreover, after spending time on the road with customers, we saw first-hand how SecOps and security teams struggled with cumbersome workflows even when the secret was exposed, as they attempted to trace the vendor or service of the exposure. That is why we’ve been hard at work expanding Nightfall’s secret detection capabilities to improve customers’ remediation workflows.

Introducing a vendor-specific API key model

Nightfall already has best-in-class ML-based API and secrets detection capabilities. In looking to enhance the utility of our API detection, vendor-based detection was a logical next step.  With a vendor-specific model, Nightfall now identifies secrets from the top 25 most popular services such as AWS, Square, Stripe, with plans to add support for more services throughout the year.

Additionally, Nightfall will indicate whether the exposed vendor secret is active. The goal is ultimately to empower teams to make quick, but informed decisions within their remediation workflows by including as much context as possible.

The result is a single dashboard of alerts

Details will be contained within any alerts created by the Nightfall API key detector. The goal of this added functionality is to enable teams to make more informed manual remediation decisions or even create enhanced automations. For example, with a security orchestration tool in place, you can use the information in a Nightfall alert to quickly respond to a leaked secret.

This new functionality will be added to the existing API detector with no action required on your part

This detector works exactly in the same manner as all of our other detectors. It can be selected from the detector menu and added to any Nightfall policy you wish, and can be used to find secrets in any Nightfall integration (even through the Developer Platform). You can also change the confidence level on the detector from possible, likely, to very likely.

Want to learn more about Nightfall’s secret detection capabilities?

The new secrets detector will be going live on January 19. To learn more about it you can read our new datasheet, or to see it in action schedule a demo with us and we’d be happy to help.

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