Virtru vs. Nightfall Email DLP

Elevate your email protection to new heights with Nightfall’s enhanced detection accuracy, automatic and opt-in encryption, real-time employee coaching, and out-of-the-box compliance.
Install Nightfall’s lightweight browser plugin in minutes.
Automatically encrypt outgoing emails, or provide the option for employees to encrypt emails themselves.
View emails and attachments in Nightfall’s secure reader.

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Why switch from Virtru to Nightfall?

Legacy DLP solutions have trouble differentiating between unauthorized and legitimate data transfers due to…
Nightfall for SaaS

 AI-native detection

Leverage powerful AI detectors to identify PII, PHI, PCI, secrets, and credentials with unprecedented accuracy, fewer false positive alerts, and reduced security team workloads.

Nighfall for data at rest

Context-aware encryption

Automate encryption for emails containing sensitive data, or allow employees to opt-in via Nightfall’s intuitive user experience.

Nightfall for ChatGPT

End-to-end protection

Nightfall’s client-side encryption safeguards your data and maintains your privacy, even in the face of advanced cyber threats or legal inquiries. Unlike competitors, Nightfall also augments the native transport layer security (TLS) encryption offered natively in Gmail, as opposed to shutting it down.

Nightfall for ChatGPT

Unprecedented workflow automation

Create flexible policies based on specific users, user groups, domains, file types, and more. Integrate seamlessly with your existing ecosystem with real-time alerting via Slack, Jira, email, or webhooks. 

Nightfall for ChatGPT

Intuitive user experience

Respond to policy violations by blocking email forwarding, setting email expiration dates, and enabling persistent protection for attachments, all without impacting employee productivity.

Nightfall for ChatGPT

Comprehensive platform

Go above and beyond by leveraging Nightfall for Sensitive Data Protection, Data Exfiltration Prevention, and SaaS Security Posture Management. Alternatively, use Nightfall’s Developer Platform to integrate seamlessly with any application via APIs.

What makes Nightfall different?

Cutting-edge detection

Nightfall’s AI-powered detectors work right out of the box to help security teams cut down on false positive alerts, automate workflows, and save time and operational costs.

Seamless workflows

Our platform is designed to meet the evolving needs of modern enterprises, including real-time employee coaching that doesn’t interfere with productivity. 

Collaborative partnerships

At Nightfall, your voice won’t just be heard—it’ll be amplified. Your input will play a key part in shaping our product roadmap.

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HIPAA reporting and monitoring made easy

Healthcare organizations need to protect PHI and comply with HIPAA. Nightfall automatically classifies all cloud data and finds at-risk patient data from a single platform.

  • Use prebuilt, high accuracy detectors or create your own

  • Build detection rules for your use cases

    Scan text and files, including images

  • Remediate sensitive data with redaction techniqu