Nightfall launches the first and only DLP solution for Asana

Michael Osakwe
October 12, 2022
Nightfall launches the first and only DLP solution for AsanaNightfall launches the first and only DLP solution for Asana
Michael Osakwe
October 12, 2022
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Today, we are delighted to announce that Nightfall has launched the first and only DLP solution for Asana. As part of this launch, Nightfall has joined the Asana Partner program as an official Technology Partner. Nightfall’s solution for Asana builds comprehensive data protection into the Asana app.

Like our other partnerships and native integrations, this new service in Asana is powered by the Nightfall Detection Engine. Using our machine learning detectors, Asana users will be able to find PII, PHI, PCI, secrets, credentials and more in places where they don’t belong. With the ability to scan for sensitive data within text fields, as well as in over 100+ file types – including images – Nightfall is well suited to provide teams with continuous data security and compliance within Asana for a variety of industry standards including HIPAA, PCI, SOC 2 and more.

As an industry leader and the standard for SaaS data loss prevention, Nightfall is a natural fit for securing data in Asana - the market leading project management and collaboration tool. Partnering with Asana furthers our vision of expanding the availability of high efficacy data detection and security across the cloud.

"With enterprise tool proliferation, data security is a top concern for IT leaders. Asana’s new security features give organizations the tools to audit what information is entered into Asana, flag vulnerabilities, and maintain compliance within highly-regulated industries. A new data loss prevention (DLP) integration with industry leader Nightfall will soon enable teams to scan for sensitive data within Asana, such as social security or credit card numbers." says Marianne Ridgeway Product Communications Lead at Asana.

“We’re excited to be able to bring the power of Nightfall’s detection engine to Asana. Like Asana, Nightfall is a customer-first solution meant to simplify users’ lives. The Nightfall integration for Asana will allow users to address the challenges of securing data in a large and fast-paced collaborative environment without hampering productivity.” says Nick Kings, Nightfall VP of Partnerships.

To get started with Nightfall for Asana, simply visit the Nightfall + Asana product page to book a meeting with the team and get setup. Nightfall also offers a free risk assessment for current Asana customers.

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