Data Security
for the AI Era

Nightfall uses AI to protect sensitive data where today’s end-users work: across Gen AI apps, SaaS, email, and devices.

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Legacy data security can’t keep up with the AI-driven enterprise.

In the AI-driven enterprise, the team is the engine, and data is the fuel. Users are leveraging data in everything they do – analyzing, sharing, prompting, downloading, training, and more.
The problem is, work is no longer confined to a device or network, and with AI, work moves faster than ever. Legacy data security solutions, built for a bygone era, struggle to keep pace. And chances are, they’ve left you with limited visibility and a patchwork of tools.
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Why Nightfall?

It's time for a better way. A holistic approach. One that focuses on data and end-users.

Scan sensitive data in all its forms.

Enterprise data is messy. It's unstructured. It’s archived, dating back years of time. Secrets & PII end up in all kinds of file types and formats. They’re in messages, threads, comments, channels, emails, and attachments. Nightfall scans all of your data with high accuracy, so nothing gets missed.

Cover your mission-critical apps.

AI-driven apps are accelerating how users get things done. Nightfall stitches together events across SaaS, email, GenAI, and devices, so you can set policies once, and monitor anywhere with full context.

Monitor the highest-risk activities and identities.

Sharing in a Slack channel, uploading to a cloud directory, publishing on GitHub, prompting to ChatGPT. These are just a few of the ways data can escape in the enterprise. Nightfall monitors for a wide aperture of risk, so you can quickly and confidently stop incidents.

Here's how it works.

It starts with a world-class detection engine at the core.

Nightfall has pre-built detectors for credentials, PII, PHI, and much more. Tuned with AI for high accuracy, ready out of the box. Reduce false positive alerts, and make tuning, regexes, word lists, tagging, and matching a thing of the past.

Nightfall integrates in minutes with your enterprise apps and devices.

Born in the cloud, Nightfall is scalable and ready to plug in directly to your apps, without any impact on the network. Enable secure, AI-driven productivity without getting in the way of the end-user.

With Nightfall, you can monitor high-risk content and behavior.

Easily create policies that are adapted to the biggest risks in your environment and aligned with compliance frameworks.

Protect data automatically.

Take action to immediately redact, delete, quarantine, encrypt, and much more. Reduce incidents through immediate response.

Empower end-users to fix issues on their own.

Security is a team sport. Instead of blocking the end-user, notify them and give them the tools to fix data exposure issues directly from chat or email. Foster a cybersecurity culture that enables innovation, instead of blocks it.

And, integrate in your security workflows.

The entire detection engine is delivered as an API. Instrument Nightfall detections into SIEMs, ticketing systems, and anything else that helps your security team increase SOC efficiency.
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It's time for full visibility and control.

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