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Nightfall AI strengthens data governance and mitigates risks across SaaS apps, GenAI tools, email, endpoints, and more.

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Why Cloud Data Protection is Essential for Addressing Modern Security Challenges

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Defend your data from every angle

Identify and prevent the most common risks to your data, all from asingle pane of glass.

Security awareness training

It's vital for employees to learn about cyber hygiene and best practices in ways that are relevant to their workflows.

End-user empowerment

Security is a team sport. Enterprises need to build a human firewall as a first line of defense

DLP cost savings

Time is of the essence to protect your sensitive data. Security teams can leverage AI-powered solutions to streamline their workloads.

Strengthen your security posture

Leverage Nightfall’s advanced generative AI (GenAI) detectors to secure your sensitive data, both in the cloud and beyond.

Streamline your security workflows

  • Pinpoint sensitive data across SaaS apps, email, endpoints, and more with double the precision of competitors like Google DLP, Microsoft Purview, or AWS Comprehend.

  • Proactively address sensitive data sprawl, exfiltration events, and SaaS security posture gaps before they escalate.

  • Minimize alerts by customizing your own data protection policies.

React in real time

  • Empower security teams with automated and in-app remediation workflows that don’t block the business.

  • Detect and remediate sensitive data, both historically and in real time.

  • Triage alerts, set adaptive policies, and manage risk-based violations, all in a single centralized console.

Build a stronger culture of security

  • Send custom messages to educate employees about company policies and cyber hygiene best practices.

  • Empower employees to self-remediate policy violations, without impacting their productivity. 

Supported applications

Extend Nightfall's AI-powered data protection across any of our integrations, or use our Firewall for AI APIs to secure any Saas app, GenAI app, or data pipeline.

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