Nightfall and Snyk partner to advance developer security

Snyk and Nightfall combine forces to give DevOps and security teams all the tools they need to strengthen their software supply chains.

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AI-native security for the code-to-cloud lifecycle

“By partnering with Nightfall AI, we can now bring best-of-breed, AI-powered secrets scanning to Snyk customers and continue to deliver the most comprehensive developer security offering to the market.”
— Manoj Nair, Chief Product Officer of Snyk

Quick and easy

  • Designed and built for the way you work in GitHub

  • Integrates with GitHub in a few clicks

  • Provides always-on protection while staying out of your way


  • Scan for sensitive data in real time across multiple repositories

  • Find potential security and compliance risks in committed code

  • Reduce noise and automate remediation with our AI-powered detection engine

Proactive protection

  • Reduce compliance workloads without sacrificing security

  • Spend less time responding to incidents

  • Set up automated DLP workflows for quarantines, deletions, alerts, and coaching end users on data security best practices

Experience always-on security at scale

Nightfall provides visibility into the cloud to ensure security and compliance

Your security platform should help you work  smarter, not harder.
  • Install in minutes, not months. With no agent required.

  • Automatically detect 100 types of PII, PCI, PHI, secrets, and credentials.

A single pane of glass is all you need to stay secure.
  • Get context-rich alerts and remediate violations in real time, all from Slack, email, or your SIEM of choice.

  • Set up automated workflows to minimalize  total cost of ownership.

End-users are the first line of defense. Equip them with the tools to stay safe.
  • Educate employees with near real-time notifications and coaching.

  • Build a strong culture of security that values good data hygiene.

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HIPAA reporting and monitoring made easy

Healthcare organizations need to protect PHI and comply with HIPAA. Nightfall automatically classifies all cloud data and finds at-risk patient data from a single platform.

  • Use prebuilt, high accuracy detectors or create your own

  • Build detection rules for your use cases

    Scan text and files, including images

  • Remediate sensitive data with redaction techniqu

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Extend Nightfall data leak prevention across our secured applications, plus the ability to cover any application with our Developer Platform.

Platform Overview
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Getting started is easy

Start protecting your data with a 5 minute agentless install.

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