Deal Registration Terms & Conditions

1. Nightfall Deal Registration applies to all transactions, valued at over $6,000 (USD) MSRP. 

2. Nightfall Deal Registration is only approved for the first registering Partner.

3. The aggregate size of the deal meets the Minimum Deal Size of $6000 (USD).

4. The Partner must be the first to submit the deal with complete and accurate deal information. When submitting deal registration for approval, Partner must provide known end-user information, including end-user’s full company name, correctly spelled.

5. The opportunity cannot be the subject of a published RFP, or similar tender process, unless the Partner registered and received approval from Nightfall PRIOR to the RFP or Tender being published.

6. The Partner must accurately submit the deal for review via email to Nightfall’s Partnership team via the form on our website. Each deal registration must represent a single deal with a single end-user. Partner may not combine deals or end-user accounts for any purpose. Partner must apply for a separate deal registration for additional or different business opportunities.

7. If the deal is related to a public RFP or Tender, the Partner will provide Nightfall with a copy of the tendering document (if applicable) that was released by the end-customer. An opportunity is only considered “registered” after it has been approved and confirmed.

8. An opportunity is only considered “registered” after it has been approved and confirmed back to the Partner via email by Nightfall Sales. More details regarding this process are below.

9. Deal approval will be measured and qualified by the Partner’s information contained in the online Deal Registration form submitted to Nightfall. The Partner is encouraged, prior to Deal Registration, to make a significant pre-sales effort to promote Nightfall products as well as have knowledge of the end-customer’s priorities, budget, projects and key contacts.

10. A Deal Registration is at Nightfall’s sole discretion and may be denied if:
- Deal is already registered by a different Partner.
- Deal is already in the Nightfall Sales Pipeline.
- The end-customer is already a direct Nightfall customer for that specific product, in that location/business unit. (Introducing Nightfall products into additional departments or contacts within a current Nightfall account, may be an approved Deal Registration).
- The Partner does not cooperate to jointly engage the end-user company to further qualify the opportunity.

11. Deal Registration and Extension
- Deal Registration expires 90 days from the date the Partner was notified of the approval (via email) by Nightfall.
- Deal Registration can be extended by the VP of Growth, CRO or CEO. 
- Reasons for an extension are various and will be judged based upon the known information at the time.

12. In the event of Deal Registration conflict, Nightfall will gather the facts and determine the outcome at the sole discretion of Nightfall.

13. Nightfall reserves the right to change the Deal Registration Terms and Conditions at any time without notice.

14. Deal Registration and protection is specific to the stated opportunity and does not protect all future opportunities at the end-customer or from the Partner.

15. The Nightfall Deal Registration Program currently also provides for incentive payments to be made to eligible active Nightfall Channel Partners.

16. Cash rewards are approved and awarded for qualifying deal registered opportunities at the account level and not by product or number of products within an account.

17. Nightfall reserves the right to change or end the rewards initiative or any specific payments at any time without notice.