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See how Trufflehog v3, the open-source secrets scanning command-line interface (CLI), matches up against Nightfall’s Secrets and Keys scanning capabilities.

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About Nightfall:

Nightfall is a data security and compliance platform that helps find and protect your most sensitive data (PII, PHI, Secrets and Keys, and more). It is the easiest-to-use and most accurate data leak prevention (DLP) platform for SaaS & cloud apps, all powered by AI.

About TruffleHog:

TruffleHog is an open-source CLI that helps find hardcoded secrets in Git repositories.

Nightfall vs. TruffleHog v3

Nightfall is suitable for you if:

  • Tackling secrets and keys leakage is a high priority and you want to scale secrets detection across your organization - Slack, Jira, and more, not just in Git repos.

  • You want a fully integrated platform with capabilities like alerting, incident prioritization and triage, content preview, automated remediation workflows, rich analytics, and developer platform access (allowing for integration with any cloud app). TruffleHog does not provide context around the exposed secret (including analytics or a GUI) to expedite incident response and remediation.

  • You are looking for enterprise-grade software and support that will scale with your business from tens of employees to tens of thousands.

  • You want the most accurate detection. Nightfall’s AI-based detection will ensure you spend less time managing false positives and you can validate whether an API is active, helping you manage your security program with fewer resources.

TruffleHog is suitable for you if:

  • You are not yet sure that secrets detection is a priority for your security team, and prefer to run a lightweight experiment with an open-source tool.

  • Have significant resources to build out missing features such as: source control and alerting integrations, incident lifecycle management, issue tracking, content previews, and rich analytics.

How our detection accuracy compares

Vendor key detector (Key format)
Nightfall (ML Hybrid)
Competition (Regex + heurystics)

Nightfall vs. TruffleHog: detailed breakdown

Why does it matter?
Detects and reports vendors of keys
Allows you to see context as to which vendor the key is from so you can prioritize the highest risk keys.
Heuristics and regular expressions
Pre-built rules that match specific api keys; it is important your vendor has wide support out-of-the box for various keys and formats.
AI detection for private/unseen API key formats
Allows you to detect new vendors, or internal keys that are not available publically.
AI to understand the secret context
Secrets may not have the provider name right next to the key, which means without AI you will miss many of the most sensitive secrets.
Active key checks
Important to confirm if a key could be used such as a production API key, or has already been revoked.
Up-to-date models and key formats

number of outdated

TruffleHog has a number of outdated patterns (or just test key patterns)

Vendors frequently change their key formats and patterns, it is important your vendor regularly updates its models to account for changes.
Supported files and actions
Git Repos
Allows you to scan the various versions of code.
GitHub/GitLab/ CircleCI actions

Support for CircleCI and GitHub actions, no GitLab Support.

Actions allow you to perform advanced actions like checking code for errors before pushing code to CI/CD pipelines.
Non-text files

 Support for 100+ file types including OCR images, PDF, and more.

Binary files not supported in Git repos, only other integrations.

If you wish to expand your data protection outside of GitHub it is important your DLP tool supports a wide variety of file formats.
Real-time alerting
Serious incidents are immediately identified. Allowing for rapid remediation.
Email alerts
It is important to notify the developer in charge of the incident via their commit email.
Integration with most common SIEMs and ITSMs
Teams, processes, and tools should be integrated to increase efficiency.
Integration with ticketing systems like Jira or messaging apps like Slack
By integrating your code security platform and ticketing/messaging tool, you can address critical incidents and expedite remediation.
Reporting and analytics

Yes, rich analytics to assess security posture over time and remediation performance including content preview.

Analytics helps assess security posture over time, and remediation performance.
Data exports

All data is exportable in .csv or in JSON format.

Allows devs to review the incident data and filter it further based on their needs.
Deployment and support

Cloud hosted

Self-hosted open-source CL.

SaaS is less expensive and easier to scale.

Yes, fully compatible with any SAML 2.0 provider.

Offers a more secure login experience for employees.
Audit logs

Detailed activity logs of all actions triggered on the dashboard or through the REST API.

Audit logs include historical data that can be used to breakdown an incident's timeline.

Nightfall has a publicly available REST API.

This API provides you with access to all of the incident data, including tasks.
Enterprise support & onboarding

Each customer gets a dedicated Customer Support Manager.

In order to use a product effectively, a solid onboarding program helps achieve ROI. This is combined with dedicated support professionals focused on fixing any technical issues you may encounter.

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