Aaron's protects data in ServiceNow with Nightfall's Firewall for AI

Aaron’s is a sales and lease retail company that provides home furnishings including electronics, home goods, bedding, and furniture. With almost 12,000 employees in 1,800 stores across the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico.

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  • The Aaron's Enterprise Process Solutions team needed a way to centralize business processes securely and without compromising the company's commitment to safeguarding customer data.


  • Nightfall's Firewall for AI (formerly the Nightfall Developer Platform), which can be implemented in just a few lines of code, allows companies to integrate Nightfall into any cloud environment, including custom ones. With it, Aaron's was able to deploy data detection and remediation capabilities within an internal custom ServiceNow application.

Prioritizing data protection while streamlining

Tim Alman is the Manager of the Enterprise Process Solutions team, and is responsible for creating internal business processes to make integrations between systems run smoother and faster for Aaron’s teams.

Tim’s work focuses on centralizing business processes on the ServiceNow platform. His main criteria for building these processes and connections includes ease of use and the ability to incorporate automation wherever he can. Protecting customer data is a top priority. The Enterprise Process Solutions team needed a more efficient way to keep their processes moving and to protect data seamlessly within their ServiceNow workflows.

The Aaron’s Enterprise Process Solutions team has to prevent inappropriate information from being shared in their internal communications, so they needed a solution that could automatically classify and protect information that doesn’t belong on their internal network — and they had to ensure that their teammates could continue to share and chat freely in real-time without risk of sharing or exposing sensitive information and messages.

Tight enforcement of data policies keep communication through APIs

Nightfall makes it easy for Tim and his team to protect data and scan for inappropriate sharing even without a native integration for ServiceNow. Aaron’s uses Nightfall's Firewall for AI in tandem with the ServiceNow developer platform to classify information they are sending into ServiceNow via their employee-facing application.

Nightfall + Aaron's ServiceNow workflow

Nightfall’s APIs allow Aaron’s to securely connect essential workflows in ServiceNow by scanning internal communications and prevent inappropriate sharing of information. With Nightfall's Firewall for AI, Tim and his team are able to use out-of-the-box machine learning trained detectors and create custom strings and regexes to flag information that doesn’t belong in their business applications.

“Nightfall's Firewall for AI allows us to scan for certain patterns of information, like social security numbers or credit cards. We can ensure that our internal communication stays as work-appropriate as possible.”
Tim Alman
Manager of the Enterprise Process Solutions

Security automation helps Aaron’s scale

Nightfall was already in use by the security team at Aaron’s for Data Loss Prevention (DLP) on Slack to detect inappropriate information on the collaboration platform. It was an easy addition to bring on the Firewall for AI because existing detection rules and data policies were easily reusable with the ServiceNow integration. As a result, Tim’s team is able to work quickly to remediate policy violations. “I think it's given our HR team and our internal communications team peace of mind that we're creating a space where our people are safe and secure in the information that they share,” Tim says.

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