Stay up to date on cloud security news with Nightfall this November

Chris Martinez
November 5, 2020
Stay up to date on cloud security news with Nightfall this NovemberStay up to date on cloud security news with Nightfall this November
Chris Martinez
November 5, 2020
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The Nightfall blog is a resource for cybersecurity professionals to learn more about the challenges we face in the industry. Every week Nightfall publishes news and insights from the world of cloud security, plus case studies showing how our DLP solutions are helping businesses across many different industries manage their data protection needs.This month, we’re sharing our newest on-demand Office Hours videos and a case study on how we helped one of the largest movie ticket retailers prepare for CCPA compliance. Also, read how Nightfall DLP helps with specific infosec use cases, like content moderation and data exfiltration. Finally, see why it’s essential to protect data in platforms like Snowflake and Airtable, and how easy it is to add DLP to those platforms with Nightfall.We want to wish you all an early Happy Thanksgiving and upcoming holiday season. Thanks for keeping up with Nightfall!

See New On-Demand Office Hours Videos from Nightfall

We’ve been hard at work updating our on-demand Office Hours videos with new content designed to give you first-hand knowledge of how Nightfall integrates directly with your SaaS and data infrastructure products, like Slack, GitHub, and Confluence, via their native APIs. Watch product demos, learn how to stay in compliance, and see cloud-native DLP in action. See why DLP is essential for protecting sensitive information like PHI, PII, and more.Watch our free on-demand Office Hours videos and look out for more on-demand videos coming soon!

Case Study: Nightfall DLP Enables Customer-Centric Data Security for One of the Largest Movie-Ticket Retailers


“We don’t have the resources to employ full time content monitoring in Slack,” says the IT & Compliance Program Manager of one of the largest movie-ticket retailers. “Having a tool like Nightfall that can work on our behalf is very helpful. It gives me a lot of confidence in our approach to CCPA compliance because Nightfall allows us to do very thorough audits of everything in Slack.”Read how we’re helping this movie-ticket retailer stay in compliance and secure their productivity apps with cloud DLP.

Protect Credentials and Secrets with Nightfall DLP

Sensitive data like credentials and secrets are in constant danger of exposure, and this is especially true in the cloud. Due to the highly collaborative and always-on nature of cloud services, security best practices are hard to enforce without either lots of time and effort or automated controls. Read why organizations need DLP to secure essential data from being exposed, and how Nightfall helps protect the data that matters most to your organization.

Secure Customer and Employee Data with Nightfall’s Data Loss Prevention

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It’s estimated that more than 27 billion records were exposed in the first half of 2020. This trend of data breach events is becoming more severe with the average cost and size of a data breach increasing year over year. That’s why security leaders need DLP to discover and prevent breach events. Learn why DLP is essential to secure all the data in your company for your employees and customers.

Nightfall’s Data Loss Prevention Stops Cloud Data Exfiltration

The risk of data exfiltration is worsened by the fact that as companies migrate their data into the cloud, they struggle to maintain the visibility needed to ensure their data remains secure. Cloud DLP remains one of the few ways to retain data visibility within SaaS and IaaS systems and put controls in place that greatly limit the occurrence of data exfiltration in these environments. Read how Nightfall’s DLP solution helps you manage your data in the cloud and stops potentially devastating security breaches before they happen.

Implement Strong Content Moderation Policies with Nightfall DLP

content moderation

Do you know what’s being shared across your organization’s internal communications channels? Chances are, the answer is no — especially in today’s remote-first working culture where it’s impossible to observe your workforce’s communications practices in person. Read how DLP can help solve the content moderation problem with automated scanning of SaaS environments to identify improper messages before they’re shared.      

Why Insider Threat is One of the Biggest Challenges in Cloud Security

insider threat

Insider threat is just as serious and costly as an external bad actor trying to break into your systems, and it’s often harder to handle because it’s an insidious attack on your security infrastructure. The main cause of insider threat data leaks is poor security hygiene — whether it’s ignorance of security policies from internal employees or from external users who break the rules to get work done faster or get around protocols. Read how security leaders can reclaim their power and maintain better security in the cloud with a little help from DLP.

The Fintech Sector is Under Cyber Attack – Here’s How Companies Are Protecting their Data

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Fintech companies are increasingly at risk of cyberattack. After healthcare, fintech is the second most frequently attacked industry — 27% of attacks target banks or healthcare. The banking sector has always been an attractive target for hackers, but fintech companies that digitize and store consumer data, in addition to financial information, are even more attractive for hackers. Read how hackers are targeting fintech companies, and what your company can do to better protect itself.

Protecting Data in Snowflake is Easy with Nightfall’s Developer Platform


Ever since Snowflake burst onto the scene in 2014, the company and the software has been massively influential in how we all think of storing and accessing data. Snowflake reached new heights in September when they launched the largest software IPO in history. Companies will be eager to plug in all their data into Snowflake, perhaps without considering the risks of who it could be shared with. If you’re looking to add Snowflake to your organization, read these five ways DLP will secure the data you need to protect most — and see how easy it is to implement a higher level of security with Nightfall.  

5 Tips for Training Non-IT Employees on Cybersecurity

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As more employees work remotely, the opportunity for hackers to exploit human error has grown exponentially. This increased level of risk coincides with many enterprises scaling back their workforce. For non-IT employees, cybersecurity can feel too technical or challenging. Here are some ways to make cybersecurity awareness training both accessible and effective — especially when delivering it remotely.

4 Most Common Types of Cybersecurity Threats

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Since March, 90% of business leaders said that phishing attacks have impacted their organization, and 28% admitted that attackers had successfully phished their users. Hackers are getting more and more sophisticated and targeted in their attacks. Beware of these four common types of cyber threats – and learn what you can do to prevent them.

Add DLP to Airtable with Nightfall’s developer platform


When Airtable announced its $185 million Series D funding in September, they generated a whole new round of buzzworthy headlines. For security leaders, this means that new requests for adding Airtable to tech stacks are likely on the way. But Airtable does not have native data DLP built in. Read why your organization should add DLP functionality to Airtable with the fully customizable Nightfall developer platform.  

3 Ways to Ensure Your Security Policies Survive the Transition to the Cloud

By 2025, the amount of data stored in the cloud by governments, organizations, and individuals will exceed 75 zettabytes – an estimated 42% of the world’s 175 zettabytes of data at that time. Organizations have been forced to shorten cloud migration timeframes to ensure business continuity during the pandemic due to COVID. While the cloud continues to be one of the key business enablement tools for organizations post-COVID, what’s undoubtedly also true is that businesses still struggle to understand their security obligations in the cloud. Read about the importance of having strong security policies and implementing them correctly as your organization migrates to the cloud.

4 Ways CASBs Differ from Cloud DLP

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CASBs have traditionally been a popular option for enterprises seeking to secure their data. However, a CASB may not be the right solution for every business. CASBs have a few shortcomings that are important to recognize. Here are some of the ways CASBs fall short, and how cloud DLP may provide better protection for your organization’s data.

Industry Watch: How the Pandemic is Changing Cybersecurity

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The pandemic has touched virtually every aspect of life, and cybersecurity is no different. Businesses around the world are changing their approach to cybersecurity to protect user data and systems as more and more teams work remotely. Read how the pandemic has changed cybersecurity, and what your business can do differently to protect your data as the situation evolves.

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