Nightfall Joins Snyk Partner Program to Expand Security across the SDLC

Michael Osakwe
May 2, 2022
Nightfall Joins Snyk Partner Program to Expand Security across the SDLCNightfall Joins Snyk Partner Program to Expand Security across the SDLC
Michael Osakwe
May 2, 2022
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We’re pleased to announce that Nightfall has joined Snyk’s Technology Alliance Partner Program (TAPP). Nightfall will sit alongside partners like RedHat, and Hashicorp to provide critical DevSecOps functionality to developers. 

Joining TAPP is an excellent opportunity to expand the security options available to our customers throughout the software development lifecycle, with Snyk being the one of the industry’s leading developer security solutions at the core of many businesses’ continuous development processes.

Like Snyk, we recognize that application development has changed, and development teams have begun adopting a model of rapid and frequent deployments to support the pace of innovation demanded by digital transformation. From an application security perspective, this means scaling through DevSecOps and supporting developer-first security.

This aligns with Nightfall’s vision of enabling data security without impacting the agility afforded by today’s collaboration tools and development paradigms. Nightfall integrates at the API layer with the most business-critical cloud applications, including GitHub, Jira, Slack, and even custom applications, in order to identify and secure PII, credentials, and secrets. With Nightfall, organizations can discover and remediate the leakage of sensitive data in real time within text, images, code, and documents stored in the cloud.

In tandem with Nightfall’s native integrations, the Nightfall Developer Platform allows developers to extend security within the applications they deploy. By leveraging the Nightfall platform’s APIs, developers can programmatically scan the volumes of data flowing through their applications to ensure the proper handling of sensitive data.

This partnership represents the beginning of our efforts with Snyk. We’re looking forward to our long cooperation with Snyk in order to increase the value of the Nightfall platform for our customers and meet the ever-changing security needs of developers.

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