Nightfall AI featured in 2020 Forrester Now Tech: Report for Data Discovery and Classification Providers

Chris Martinez
November 2, 2020
Nightfall AI featured in 2020 Forrester Now Tech: Report for Data Discovery and Classification ProvidersNightfall AI featured in 2020 Forrester Now Tech: Report for Data Discovery and Classification Providers
Chris Martinez
November 2, 2020
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Nightfall AI is featured in Forrester Research’s most recent report Now Tech: Data Discovery And Classification, Q4 2020. We’re excited to be included among other cybersecurity leaders that focus on data discovery and classification. The report provides insights into this space, including why data discovery and classification matter and what to look for in your data security solution.Since Nightfall is the industry’s first cloud-native DLP platform that discovers, classifies, and protects data via machine learning, we’re sharing some of our cloud security expertise to supplement the Forrester report and help our readers understand why data loss prevention (DLP) is an essential part of a complete cybersecurity tech stack.

Why data discovery and classification matters

Forrester found three common reasons why organizations invest in data discovery and classification solutions:

  • To gain greater visibility and understanding of the organization’s sensitive data.
  • To secure sensitive data with appropriate controls and policies.
  • To support compliance, privacy, and ethical data use.

Among these three reasons are important considerations like whether or not you should leverage best-of-breed automated classification technologies which will help you avoid error-prone approaches like using regular expressions to find data. You may also wish to better understand the types of controls and handling necessary for the data your organization must protect and how your organization should go about meeting any compliance requirements, including securing potential insider threats like third-party access and employee privacy and ethical standards for data use.Nightfall DLP provides a three-pronged approach towards cloud security, consisting of data discovery, classification, and protection. Users who choose Nightfall know they’re getting best-in-class service in all three areas, with our cloud-native DLP standing out among  other data discovery and classification solutions through our three step approach to DLP. Additionally, Nightfall provides native remediation capabilities within the cloud applications you use. This means features like notifications inside your SaaS apps and options to delete and quarantine inappropriate messages from other users.

What to look for in a data discovery and classification platform

Now Tech: Data Discovery And Classification can also help organizations choose the right data discovery and classification solutions based on key requirements, like geographic presence, vertical market focus, and sample customer profiles. Not all data security solutions are created equal, and the many ways different attributes among platforms can intersect makes it hard for security leaders to make a decision. Nightfall specializes in cloud DLP for industries like healthcare and financial services, thanks to our expertise in data security areas like HIPAA compliance and our vast knowledge of how to protect essential financial data like bank account numbers.  We have over 100+ detectors and provide the ability to customize detectors and policies for granular control over data security. We also maintain a worldwide presence with customers in North America, Latin America, EMEA, and APAC.Knowing which security solutions to choose is much easier with more information, like industry reports such as Forrester’s Now Tech: Data Discovery And Classification. You should always do your due diligence to determine if the solution you are eyeing is the right fit for your organization as your long-term cybersecurity success depends on it.

DLP is part of your security tech stack

Data discovery and classification are common features in most cloud-based SaaS tools that you’re already using. These tools often have these two capabilities, but do not handle data security automatically, which can be an incomplete data protection strategy.When your organization implements a platform that can discover and classify data, there’s another step necessary: protecting that data. DLP solutions like Nightfall add this crucial third step with automated scans of your SaaS apps, which means you don’t have to worry about where the data lives and how your employees are working with and around the data. With DLP, your security tech stack can run smoother and smarter with no additional effort on your end.Read more about data discovery and classification and how several leading companies in the space are approaching this space in Now Tech: Data Discovery And Classification, Q4 2020. Forrester aims to prepare security and risk professionals to understand the value they can expect from a data discovery and classification provider. You can also follow more news in cybersecurity and DLP on the Nightfall blog.

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