Announcing Our Next Cloud-native Integration: Nightfall for Salesforce Enters Active Development

Michael Osakwe
March 29, 2022
Announcing Our Next Cloud-native Integration: Nightfall for Salesforce Enters Active DevelopmentAnnouncing Our Next Cloud-native Integration: Nightfall for Salesforce Enters Active Development
Michael Osakwe
March 29, 2022
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At Nightfall, our mission is to discover and secure sensitive data in every cloud application through a cloud-native, accurate, and performant platform. Since 2019, Nightfall has partnered with some of the world’s most innovative organizations to proactively eliminate data security risks across a fleet of SaaS applications via our native integrations for Slack, Atlassian Jira, Confluence, Google Drive, and GitHub. In November 2021 we announced the launch of our API-first Developer Platform, which democratizes access to best-of-breed machine learning based sensitive data detectors to enable application developers and IT security teams to secure any application or infrastructure in use.

We continue to take giant strides with a two-pronged approach towards achieving our mission: first, we’re adding more cloud-native data loss prevention (DLP) integrations and second, we’re continuing to build on our highly robust API-first developer platform.

In general, the term “native integration” refers to the SaaS applications within Nightfall that can be setup using OAuth 2.0 to connect to platforms like Slack and GitHub. Any SaaS platforms or cloud infrastructure service that are not yet supported as native integrations can be supported via the Nightfall developer platform. We have SDKs and low code tutorials that can help you get started with integrating our Developer Platform with a variety of services, like Zendesk, Intercom, and much more.

What’s next for native integrations within Nightfall?

We’re constantly soliciting feedback from Nightfall customers who we know are deeply invested in understanding the direction we choose to take our native integrations so that they can continue to improve their security coverage. Today, we are excited to share two updates with our cloud-native integrations.

First, we’re excited to announce that based on customer feedback, we’re building Nightfall DLP for Salesforce. Second, we are accepting sign-ups for beta access to Nightfall DLP for Salesforce.

Salesforce DLP is now in active development!

Upon surveying and having in-depth discussions with our customers, it became clear to us that enhancing data security posture within Salesforce is an urgent, highly critical and unmet customer need. Our customers highlighted the following problems as areas of immediate concern:

  • Lack of automated, accurate discovery of sensitive data - Our customers store highly sensitive and important information related to their own customer base  within their Salesforce organizations. Existing manual searches or relying on traditional DLP solutions with regular expression based pattern matching are highly inaccurate, support a very limited number of objects, and are cumbersome to use.  
  • Inability to continually monitor and comply with data regulations - Those of our customers who operate in highly regulated verticals need to adhere to PCI DSS, HIPAA, CCPA among other regulatory requirements. Security auditors or IT security teams managing Salesforce do not have an effortless means to continually audit standard and custom objects, fields for regulated data such as credit card numbers across both Salesforce sandbox and production organizations.
  • Remediating data security risks can take weeks or even months - Some customers told us they do not have the ability to take the right type of remediation actions within Salesfroce. Finding and deleting sensitive data is cumbersome, and it’s effectively impossible to correct the behavior of users who violate security best practices in any meaningful way. The lack of any real-time visibility into sensitive data exposure across fields or records means remediating infractions can take weeks. Inconsistent enforcement of sensitive data discovery across sandbox and production environments also increases the security risk.
  • Lack of unified detection and protection of sensitive data across all SaaS applications - IT security teams are challenged with lack of consistent coverage for Salesforce similar to the other SaaS applications that they protect via Nightfall. 

Our customers love Nightfall’s best-of-breed real-time detection, instantaneous automated remediation actions, powerful insights via Slack alerts, and robust integrations with SIEM platforms available through our platform. They’ll get all this value and more with Nightfall’s latest native integration for Salesforce (with more native integrations yet to come)!

Launching access to the Salesforce beta and what you can expect

With the Salesforce beta, you'll be able to leverage Nightfall’s Salesforce DLP solution to immediately address any of the aforementioned compliance and security challenges our customers have highlighted. You'll also have extensive access to the product team working on this integration and have influence over the product direction while gaining early insights into what will come. We would love to hear your Salesforce data security use cases and pain points in more detail. Feel free to choose a time that works for you to schedule a discovery call.

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