Introducing Nightfall for Jira, with Real-Time Data Loss Prevention

Michael Osakwe
November 17, 2021
Introducing Nightfall for Jira, with Real-Time Data Loss PreventionIntroducing Nightfall for Jira, with Real-Time Data Loss Prevention
Michael Osakwe
November 17, 2021
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We’re excited to announce that Nightfall DLP for Jira now has real-time detection. Services like Jira, which are part of the Atlassian ecosystem, are among some of the most popular cloud tools leveraged by companies today.

Like most SaaS applications, Jira is an always-on service where many collaborators share information. In some cases, this may result in the unintentional exposure of sensitive data. By providing real-time sensitive data detection within Jira, Nightfall allows Jira users to take immediate action on data policy violations to ensure no customer data is exposed.

Here’s what’s new

Real-time scanning and alerts

With Nightfall for Jira, you can scan all changes within your Jira instance in real-time and receive detail rich alerts on violations that break data security policies as soon as they happen. Get alerts whenever users add PII, PHI, secrets, credentials, or other business critical data into text fields within Jira or within file attachments. Nightfall can identify sensitive strings within text or a broad set of file types like PDFs, images, documents, and more.

Receive alerts in a variety of ways

Nightfall users can receive alerts in a number of ways, including through the tools they already use. Nightfall alerts can be sent to Slack and email, or through a webhook integration, users can send alerts to their SIEM or to another preferred workflow, logging, or analytics tool.

Construct detailed policies that apply to multiple violation types

Nightfall also allows users to scan different parts of Jira for different types of content. For example, you might want to ignore PII within projects managed by the human resources department, while still scanning for this type of sensitive data within projects managed by other teams. Within the Nightfall dashboard, whenever you build out a policy, you can choose which projects the policy should apply to. Furthermore, you can combine multiple detection rules within a single policy, allowing each of your policies to have a high level of granularity.

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To learn more about Nightfall for Jira, download our free Guide to DLP for Jira. To see our platform in action, contact us at or schedule a demo below.

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