Nightfall’s DLP API Adds Data Discovery and Classification to Your Applications

Michael Osakwe
June 11, 2021
Nightfall’s DLP API Adds Data Discovery and Classification to Your ApplicationsNightfall’s DLP API Adds Data Discovery and Classification to Your Applications
Michael Osakwe
June 11, 2021
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As a cloud-native data loss prevention solution, Nightfall DLP can natively integrate with some of the most popular SaaS applications in order to protect against the proliferation of sensitive data in these environments. With our native integrations, Nightfall helps keep client data safe on apps including Slack, GitHub, Google Drive, Confluence, and Jira. But did you know that Nightfall also exists as a standalone DLP API? With the Nightfall Developer Platform you can embed the same great features found in our native integrations into any application of your choice, including custom-built internal applications as well as applications or services that you provide to your own customers.

What is the Nightfall DLP API?

Nightfall’s DLP API refers to the API you’ll have access to when you sign up for Nightfall’s Developer Platform. The Nightfall API is a completely RESTful API designed to be easy to use with predictable resource-oriented URLs. Getting started is as easy as requesting an API token which you can do by contacting us. If you’d like to test the Nightfall API before contacting us, visit the Nightfall playground which provides interactive demos that allow you to see the Nightfall Developer Platform in action.

How does the Nightfall DLP API differ from DLP SDKs already on the market?

There are a number of limited products on the market which claim to allow users to integrate some degree of data classification functionality into the products and services they use or provide. There are, however, specific advantages that Nightfall provides which other services don’t:

Ease of implementation. With Nightfall you can get started in minutes. All you need is an API key, and you can start writing code to make calls to our API. In our Developer Toolkit, Nightfall also provides tutorials for connecting to popular applications such as Zendesk, Hubspot, Airtable, and more.

Best of breed detectors with high accuracy scanning. With the Nightfall DLP API you’ll have access to best of breed machine learning detectors, each built from the ground up to identify specific token types from PII and PHI to credentials and secrets. Tokens can be found in text strings, images, or over 100+ file types and Nightfall offers 100+ detectors tailored to classify tokens from a wide variety of industries.

Deploy on-prem or in the cloud. Nightfall’s DLP platform is cloud-native, but can be containerized to be deployed in your local environment. This makes building applications with it even easier.

How can I use the Nightfall DLP API?

Today, companies like Aaron’s leverage Nightfall’s DLP API to scan for sensitive data and enforce proper cloud security best practices within employee applications. Learn more by seeing how Aaron's uses Nightfall's Developer Platform in ServiceNow.

With the Nightfall Developer Platform, if you can imagine it, you can build it. We have a variety of customers using us for a wide degree of customer facing product use cases as well as internal facing workforce security use cases. Some of these include:

  • Scanning for PII in  data logs to redact it
  • Informing customers when they’re sharing PII within a service
  • Notifying security teams when PII appears within an internal application

For more information about the Nightfall DLP API, read our Guide to Data Security with the Nightfall Developer Platform. It goes into more detail about how the DLP API works and provides more examples of use cases it might be able to solve for you.

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