Nightfall and Cribl Partner to Enable Data Loss Prevention in Observability Platforms

Michael Osakwe
May 28, 2022
Nightfall and Cribl Partner to Enable Data Loss Prevention in Observability PlatformsNightfall and Cribl Partner to Enable Data Loss Prevention in Observability Platforms
Michael Osakwe
May 28, 2022
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We’re excited to announce Nightfall’s partnership with Cribl, the high scale, data processing and observability platform.

Cribl’s platform gives companies greater value out of their data by serving as the core plumbing connecting all of your data platforms, allowing users to set up workflows and extract essential data for processing, analysis, or storage. Many organizations leverage Cribl’s massive scalability to increase ROI on existing data infrastructure by creating more effective data processing workflows and reduce logging costs significantly—in some cases as much as 25%.

Nightfall, the standard for cloud data detection and protection platform, is a natural fit for securing data in large-scale, high-velocity observability pipelines. As part of our partnership, we’re releasing a Nightfall pack in the Cribl Packs Dispensary. Our pack will enable the real-time detection and redaction of sensitive data like PII, PCI, PHI, API keys, and more within your Cribl pipelines to ensure that any data you’re ingesting does not include sensitive information.

Our Cribl pack, titled “DLP by Nightfall AI”, uses the same machine learning detectors that are part of our Developer Platform and used within our native integrations. What this means is you can expect the same high-accuracy detection and customization enabled by the Nightfall platform.

This pack is a full-scale solution intended to address the common challenge of sensitive data ending up within logs, traces, metrics, and other observability services. With teams working with large data pipelines integrated across their tech stack, it’s remarkably easy for sensitive data to be ingested into observability platforms, even when data hygiene best practices are being followed. 

Integrating Nightfall into your setup will allow you to simply focus on aggregating data without the fear of sensitive data proliferation or potential compliance violations.

To get started, all you need is a Cribl account, along with a Nightfall Developer Platform account and an API key. Read our documentation to learn more about the Nightfall Developer Platform and sign up here. Read the solutions brief below to learn more about our Cribl pack

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