Stay up to date on cloud security news with Nightfall

Chris Martinez
September 2, 2020
Stay up to date on cloud security news with NightfallStay up to date on cloud security news with Nightfall
Chris Martinez
September 2, 2020
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The Nightfall blog is a resource for cybersecurity professionals to learn more about the challenges we face in the industry. Each week Nightfall publishes news and insights from the world of cloud security, plus case studies showing how our DLP solutions are helping businesses across many different industries manage their data protection needs.  

This month, we’re sharing content on trends in cloud security and data protection, like how to prioritize student data privacy in your org. Learn about how to create the right candidate experience to ensure success for your recruiting team. Also, you can read case studies on how Nightfall DLP for Slack is helping security leaders in healthcare protect patient data.   

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Our Commitment to Teams During the COVID-19 Outbreak

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As organizations shift employees to a remote, work from home model, we are seeing a rise in the adoption of collaborative cloud software like Slack to keep workforces in sync. That’s why we’re offering Nightfall DLP for Slack at no cost until Sept. 30, 2020, to help ease the transition and provide a no-cost option that can help keep your mission-critical data safe via data loss prevention on the cloud.    

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Case study: Staying Safe in Slack: Blossom Bariatrics Counts on Nightfall for HIPAA Compliance

Blossom Bariatrics Front View

Nightfall is simple, affordable, and fast to set up,” says Artemus Hules, IT Manager at Blossom Bariatrics. “Without a simple, affordable DLP solution, we probably wouldn’t have been able to use Slack Enterprise and stay HIPAA compliant within the tool.”

Read how we’re helping Blossom Bariatrics stay HIPAA compliant on Slack 

Nightfall’s Radar Simplifies Secrets Detection with New Features

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Last year we introduced Nightfall Radar to the GitHub marketplace. Radar, a solution designed to detect committed secrets within repositories, leverages machine learning to avoid the common pitfalls that plague open source tools currently on the market. We’ve been hard at work adding meaningful additions to the platform and are proud to announce these changes as well as how they’ll elevate user experience.

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These 4 Google Drive Sharing and Permissions Settings Can Prevent Data Loss

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More than 60% of organizations rely on cloud file storage systems like Google Drive to collaborate across remote teams, internal departments, and external partners. This means cloud infrastructures like Google Drive must be secured to protect data while preserving the best user experience possible. Here are four concepts to understand about Google Drive’s sharing and permissions settings that can help save your organization from a major data loss or breach event.

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6 Questions to Ask for Protecting Student Data in Distance Learning

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The response to the Coronavirus pandemic has placed a strain on schools and teachers since Spring, when everyone was suddenly asked to attend and teach classes online. Tech and security decision makers working to protect schools should ask six main questions to diagnose their organizations’ readiness to move instruction online, identify gaps, and find solutions to their most pressing issues in student data security.

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Case study: Nightfall Makes HIPAA Compliance Fast and Easy for Chelsea Jewish Lifecare

“As a non-profit, we have to think creatively to make things work,” says Jason Butler, Director of IT at Chelsea Jewish Lifecare. “Nightfall took the time to understand our specific needs as an organization and made it a smooth transition for us to start using their DLP product.”    

Read how we’re helping Chelsea Jewish Lifecare stay HIPAA compliant.

Scan Pull Requests for Credentials & Secrets with the Nightfall DLP GitHub Action

Nightfall DLP now combines the power of GitHub Actions with Nightfall’s own DLP API to keep your secrets and customer data safe. With the addition of a simple configuration file and a few environment variables you’ll be able to rest assured that your pull requests are free of leaked credentials.    

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Best Practices for Preventing Secrets & Credentials Leaks in GitHub

stop secrets leaks in GitHub

Code repositories like GitHub can be a lesser-known source of secrets leakage. This is especially true for organizations that are new to the cloud, or that don’t have mature information security programs. Our blog post contains tactics for shoring up your GitHub repos and securing business-critical data.  

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Why Candidate Experience Makes a Difference for Your Company’s Success

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A huge factor that goes into a candidate’s decision for a new role is their interviewing experience. A positive candidate experience makes candidates 38% more likely to accept a job offer. Nightfall lead technical recruiter Zahin Helal writes on the importance of creating the right candidate experience for your hiring success and overall brand recognition.    

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