Get the latest infosec news from Nightfall

Chris Martinez
October 7, 2020
Get the latest infosec news from NightfallGet the latest infosec news from Nightfall
Chris Martinez
October 7, 2020
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The Nightfall blog is a resource for cybersecurity professionals to learn more about the challenges we face in the industry. Every week Nightfall publishes news and insights from the world of cloud security, plus case studies showing how our DLP solutions are helping businesses across many different industries manage their data protection needs.This month, we’re announcing two new product launches: Nightfall DLP for Google Drive, and the Nightfall policy engine. Learn why your organization needs DLP for Slack as both an immediate way to address data security needs as well as for your organization’s long-term security posture. Also, read case studies on how Nightfall DLP for Slack is helping security leaders and business owners in healthcare protect patient data. Thanks for keeping up with Nightfall!

Our Commitment to Teams During the COVID-19 Outbreak

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As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has created a new remote work from home model, we have seen a rise in the adoption of collaborative cloud software like Slack to keep workforces in sync. That’s why we’ve extended our offer of Nightfall DLP for Slack at no cost until Oct. 31, 2020, to help ease the transition and provide a no-cost option that can help keep your mission-critical data safe via data loss prevention on the cloud. Read more

Watch on-demand Office Hours videos from Nightfall


Watch product demos, learn how to stay in compliance, and see cloud-native DLP in action with Nightfall Office Hours videos. In our on-demand Office Hours presentations, you’ll get first-hand knowledge of how Nightfall integrates directly with your SaaS and data infrastructure products, like Slack, GitHub, and Confluence, via their native APIs. Get proof of why DLP is essential for protecting sensitive information like PHI, PII, and more. Learn how Nightfall’s cloud-native DLP makes preventing data exfiltration easy with automated scanning of over 100 detectors.Start watching our free on-demand Office Hours videos and look out for more on-demand videos coming soon!

Nightfall’s Policy Engine Makes Creating Custom DLP Workflows Easy

Policy Engine Mockup

We’re excited to announce a new feature of the Nightfall platform: the Nightfall policy engine. With the policy engine, security teams can now more granularly customize when and how PII, PHI, secrets/credentials, and other business-critical data are detected within their cloud environments. Learn more about the policy engine and how you can make the most of it on the Nightfall blog.   Read more

Introducing Nightfall for Google Drive: 5 Ways to Protect All Your Files With Cloud-Native DLP

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Cloud-based collaboration tools like Google Drive are helping organizations maintain business continuity in the remote-first work culture that’s become the norm for most of us. When most people sign into their organization’s Google Drive, they’re likely not thinking of how to keep data safe as they collaborate and share across the cloud. Cybersecurity leaders should be looking to ensure the security of data shared within their organization’s Google Drive. That’s why we’ve created Nightfall for Google Drive, a data loss prevention solution (DLP) designed to inform you of who has access to any sensitive data housed in your Google Drive environment.    Read more

Why Your Org Needs DLP for Slack: Promoting Everyday Cybersecurity


How can cybersecurity teams ensure data security and maintain the necessary speed and efficiency their organization expects from its tech stack when implementing Slack? Data loss prevention (DLP) is the way to go. A solid DLP solution will detect any suspicious messages or improperly shared data in Slack, classify the types of data that could be exposed, and protect your org from data exfiltration. Learn why your organization needs DLP for Slack in the first article of this two part series.  Read more

Why Your Org Needs DLP for Slack: Ensuring Long-Term Data Security

DLP for Slack 2

Cloud security requires long-term investments to get right. Today’s demands of remote work and collaboration across teams are forcing security leaders to make fast decisions about which business tools they should allow their organizations to adopt. In part two of this series on why your organization needs DLP for Slack, we share five ways DLP supports long-term holistic security goals for your organization, including giving your employees visibility into how security decisions are made on Slack and supporting security for the remote workforce. Read more

Case study: Nightfall Helps Modernize The Brain and Spine Clinic with DLP for Slack

brain and spine

“Nightfall allows my business to function in a technologically advanced world,” says Dr. Jacob Januszewski, owner of The Brain and Spine Clinic. “As medicine becomes more digitized and modernized, Nightfall helps me integrate SaaS applications into my practice.”Read how we’re helping Dr. Januszewski modernize his medical practice and keep The Brain and Spine Clinic in HIPAA compliance with cloud DLP.

A DLP Security Checklist for IT Professionals

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As of June 2020, more than 3.2 million consumer records were exposed in the 10 biggest data breaches this year. Eight of the ten largest breaches occurred at healthcare or medical organizations, meaning patient information in addition to PII was likely acquired by hackers. We’ve prepared a checklist to help IT professionals adopt tighter security controls for their cloud systems.Read more

Data Security vs. Network Security: What Should Your Business Prioritize?

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Many businesses that have allowed employees to continue working from home for the foreseeable future are aware that they need to update their cybersecurity. It’s likely that they have allocated some budget and IT resources to make those necessary changes. Given the economic disruption of the pandemic, enterprises must strategically decide where to invest their cybersecurity budget most effectively. Read more

4 Reasons Why the OSI Model Still Matters

OSI model still matters for cloud security

When it comes to security, practitioners have to keep a lot they need to keep top of mind. The Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model provides the fundamentals needed to organize both technical issues and threats within a networking stack. Although information security is shifting to a cloud-first world, the OSI model still continues to prove its relevance. Read these four key reasons why the OSI model still matters and how you can operationalize it in today’s world.Read more

Case study: Innovation in Clinical Genomics Starts with DLP for Boston Lighthouse

boston lighthouse PHI

“Nightfall helps us avoid costly and intrusive audits,” says Boston Lighthouse Head of Engineering John Greeley. “We can prove that we are following best practices with HIPAA in Slack. Our productivity and value to our clients isn’t impacted, and we can grow our future business plans.” Read how we’re helping Boston Lighthouse stay HIPAA compliant in Slack.

How to Scan GitHub Repositories for Committed Secrets and other Code Snippets

In 2019, GitHub estimates that over 44 million repositories were created, and over 10 million new developers joined the platform. While cloud-based version control platforms like GitHub are a boon for organizations seeking to productively manage large distributed teams, such environments can make it incredibly easy for mistakes, like hard-coded credentials or other types of exposed secrets, to proliferate. As such, many teams have begun seeking ways to quickly search their repositories for such content. Read a quick overview of the options you have for conducting this process on the Nightfall blog.Read more

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