Nightfall Joins Snyk Partner Program to Expand Security across the SDLC

Michael Osakwe
May 14, 2022
Nightfall Joins Snyk Partner Program to Expand Security across the SDLCNightfall Joins Snyk Partner Program to Expand Security across the SDLC
Michael Osakwe
May 14, 2022
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There are a lot of new stories worth sharing this month, including:

  • Nightfall has entered partnerships with Snyk, Virtru, and Hanzo. Each partner is leveraging Nightfall to enhance their core value proposition, and each partnership is a testament to the value of Nightfall's vision to secure sensitive data across the cloud ecosystem.
  • Nightfall is also hosting events with two of our partners, Hanzo and Virtru:
  • On Tuesday, May 24, join us for a live joint webinar co-hosted by Hanzo. The webinar will focus on the importance of data governance in the e-discovery lifecycle and how our joint solution can help.
  • On Tuesday, June 7, if you're attending RSA, join us for an in-person breakfast and networking event at the Marlowe in San Francisco from 8:00 AM to 10:AM PT. Join us for food and lively dialogue with peers and industry veterans like Ty Sbano.
  • Last month, several organizations were impacted by a Heroku & Travis CI OAuth token breach. Learn how Dividend Financial, a Nightfall for GitHub customer, used the platform to mitigate exposure from this breach.
  • Nightfall now offers a plugin for Fluent BitLearn. Learn how to set up the Fluent Bit Nightfall Filter Plugin in order to increase visibility into logging platforms.

Nightfall Joins Snyk Partner Program to Expand Security across the SDLC

Nightfall has officially joined Snyk’s Technology Alliance Partner Program (TAPP). Nightfall will sit alongside partners like RedHat, and Hashicorp to provide critical DevSecOps functionality to developers. This partnership will extend Nightfall’s detection capabilities beyond just GitHub; in tandem with Snyk, Nightfall will help secure sensitive data and code across the software development lifecycle.

Read our recent announcement to learn more or feel free to schedule time with us.

Nightfall and Hanzo Partner to Deliver World-Class Data Classification as Part of Enterprise e-Discovery

Nightfall has also partnered with Hanzo, a best-in-class enterprise e-discovery and investigations platform. Hanzo’s offerings, now powered by Nightfall DLP, include Nightfall’s machine learning detectors as part of Hanzo’s core functionality. To learn more, read our announcement or register for our upcoming webinar on Tuesday, May 24.

Addressing 3 Critical E-Discovery Challenges Upstream through Information & Data Governance 

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Today, for enterprises and even SMB companies, IT is a sprawling, but the interconnected universe of applications, devices, and services all running in tandem to maintain the lifeblood of these organizations—data.

With this in mind, companies must begin approaching e-discovery as a data governance problem involving a number of stakeholders, including legal, compliance, governance, and security teams working together through tools that enable them to do so. This perspective was a huge impetus for Nightfall’s partnership with Hanzo, a world-class e-discovery platform used by a multitude of renowned enterprises.

Read our post on three challenges that may emerge from the e-discovery process, and then register for our upcoming webinar.

Virtru Partners with Nightfall to Deliver Intelligent Email Encryption for Data Security & Compliance

Nightfall has partnered with Virtru, a renowned leader in data encryption. Leveraging the Nightfall Developer Platform, Virtru has created a solution that uses our detectors to identify emails containing PII and PHI within attachments and text, in order to ensure their contents are encrypted before being sent.

As with our native integrations, detectors in Virtru can be tuned to whatever level of sensitivity you wish within workflows that you create. This level of specificity allows for the creation of “intelligent” object-level encryption workflows that will automate the process of encrypting emails containing sensitive content meeting your risk thresholds.

Read our announcement to learn more.

Join us: Zero Trust Data Control - Leadership & Learning Forum

On Tues, June 7 at 8:00 AM PT, join us in person at the San Francisco Marlowe for an opportunity to meet the Nightfall and Virtru teams, as well as peers and veterans in the security industry.

This forum gathers IT professionals and cyber risk managers actively wrestling with the following questions pertaining to data governance and Zero Trust security transformations:

  • How to govern sensitive data that companies own and possess internally?
  • How to govern sensitive data that companies own, but no longer possess internally?
  • How to govern sensitive data that companies possess, but do not own?

Learn more and register here.

GitHub Supply Chain Attacks Highlight the Urgency of Zero Trust SaaS Data Security

Last month, a GitHub OAuth token attack compromised Heroku and Travis CI and resulted in downstream impacts for organizations using these services. Nightfall AI recently spoke with Dividend Finance, a customer who used the Nightfall platform to mitigate the impact of this incident. Their discussion does a great job illuminating what security teams will need to keep top of mind as they harden their security posture against similar threats.

Learn more about the incident and their to it response here.

How to Set Up Fluent Bit and the Nightfall Filter Plugin

Sensitive data often makes its way into logs. Though most of the time unintentional, these incidents have the potential to do a lot of damage, as they usually involve exposure of API keys, passwords, and customer data that can give attackers access to critical business data or put companies at compliance risk. This is why it’s important for organizations to be proactive about securing their logs

In this tutorial, we will go over how to set up Fluent Bit and the Nightfall plugin to process, forward, and secure your logs.

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