Nightfall and Cribl Partner to Enable Data Loss Prevention in Observability Platforms

Michael Osakwe
June 21, 2022
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There are a lot of new stories worth sharing this month, including:

Nightfall and Cribl Partner to Enable Data Loss Prevention in Observability Platforms

We’re excited to announce Nightfall’s partnership with Cribl, the high scale, data processing and observability platform. Nightfall, the standard for cloud data detection and protection platform, is a natural fit for securing data in large-scale, high-velocity observability pipelines. Cribl users can leverage our pack in the Cribl dispensary in order to enable real-time data loss prevention of sensitive data in Cribl pipelines.

Read our recent announcement to learn more, or feel free to schedule time with us if you want to discuss your use case.

Build Continuous Security & Compliance into Your SaaS Environments

Supply chain attacks and cloud misconfigurations have elevated the importance of continuous security and compliance within SaaS applications. If you want to learn more about enabling this functionality for your security program, join our upcoming webinar titled Build Continuous Security & Compliance into Your SaaS Environments on Tuesday, July 12 at 10 AM PT | 1 PM ET.

The three terrible trends elevating data breach risk in 2022

We're living in the era of the "giga-breach," where cloud data breaches may expose in excess of one billion records. As such, the stakes couldn't be higher for cloud security teams seeking to secure cloud environments. Read our latest reporting to learn about three very important trends shaping security so far in 2022 and how organizations can protect themselves.

Addressing three Critical E-Discovery Challenges Upstream through Information & Data Governance 

Today's most pressing e-discovery challenges must be addressed through proper data governance. Learn how our partnership with Hanzo enables legal teams to accomplish this, and then watch our on-demand webinar.

How Should Startups Build Their Tech Stack?

At the beginning of every startup’s journey, the question plaguing every technical founder and their team is how to build their tech stack. In a recent webinar, we discussed this question in detail with Jim Walker of Cockroach Labs. Listen to our conversation for free on YouTube.

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