New at Nightfall: November '23 Product Updates

Jeannie Liou
December 4, 2023
New at Nightfall: November '23 Product UpdatesNew at Nightfall: November '23 Product Updates
Jeannie Liou
December 4, 2023
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This month has been full of new feature announcements, as well as various improvements to security team workflows. Read on to learn more about how you can leverage Nightfall's latest offerings.

Product updates

Human firewall

Nightfall’s human firewall feature involves employees directly in the remediation process. With a human firewall, teams can more efficiently scale their operations, reduce business disruption, and decrease risk exposure.

Nightfall's human firewall feature

This latest feature is available today on Slack, GitHub, Microsoft Teams, Notion, and Zendesk. Admins can configure policies for this setting directly within the Nightfall console. To learn more, check out our announcement here.

Zendesk DLP scanner for data at rest

With our latest data-at-rest scanner, you can easily discover sensitive information such as PII, PCI, secrets, and keys that are embedded in Zendesk tickets, comments, and file attachments (including HAR files). After completing your scan, Nightfall also helps you to take action by providing an in-depth risk report.

Customer Spotlights

NorthOne uses Nightfall to secure customer and company data in Slack, Google Drive, and Jira

“Nightfall has dramatically dropped the time that we spend developing and executing our security fundamentals, so we can tackle higher-order problems.”—Blake Edwards, VP of Engineering

Read about NorthOne’s success with Nightfall here.

Springbuk maintains continuous HIPAA compliance with Nightfall

“Nightfall's ability to detect and automatically respond to the appropriate party is huge for us. I can look at the analytics to find issues, trends, and other data.”—Chris Morrison, Security Coordinator

Read Springbuk’s story here


Last month, Nightfall and Snyk partnered to provide an advanced secrets scanning solution for developers. Tune in to our latest on-demand webinar to hear expert insights from Snyk Chief of Security, Myke Lyons, and Nightfall CEO and Co-Founder, Isaac Madan.

Webinar with Nightfall and Snyk

Register here to learn more about:

  • The risks of secret sprawl in cloud apps like GitHub, Jira, and more
  • Key learnings from the 2023 Okta breach (which involved stolen credentials)
  • Developer best practices for using—and building—generative AI tools
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