December news & updates from Nightfall AI

Chris Martinez
December 2, 2020
December news & updates from Nightfall AIDecember news & updates from Nightfall AI
Chris Martinez
December 2, 2020
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The Nightfall blog is a resource for cybersecurity professionals to learn more about the challenges we face in the industry. Every week Nightfall publishes news and insights from the world of cloud security, and success stories of how modern organizations across different industries are protecting their data.

In November, Nightfall AI was featured in Forrester Research’s latest report on data discovery and classification. We also highlight how three innovative healthcare companies have enabled collaboration for their employees to deliver seamless experiences for their customers and share tips for building a modern tech stack to protect your data.  

As we move into the next month, we invite you to join us on December 10th with security veteran, Ty Sbano, where we discuss security threats for 2021 and how to prepare for them. Ty Sbano is currently the Chief Security & Trust Officer of Sisense and held positions at LendingClub, Target, CapitalOne, and JP Morgan Chase. We want to wish you all a happy holiday season. Thanks for keeping up with Nightfall!

4 Emerging SaaS security risks to consider in 2021

Last year, we wrote about the threat landscape we saw on the horizon for 2020. Focusing on apps like Slack, we honed in on the risks that would matter in 2020. Although our analysis was written well ahead of the COVID-19, some of our concerns were exacerbated as a result of the pandemic. With the pandemic continuing into 2021, we wanted to take the time to review the state of cloud adoption in 2020 and update our threat assessment going into the new year.  

Read more on our blog here and don’t miss our webinar on Dec. 10 where we host security industry veteran Ty Sbano of Sisense and discuss securing best of breed SaaS tools in the post-COVID era. Register here.

Nightfall AI featured in 2020 Forrester Now Tech report for data discovery and classification providers


Nightfall AI is featured in Forrester Research’s most recent report Now Tech: Data Discovery And Classification, Q4 2020. We’re excited to be included among other cybersecurity leaders that focus on data discovery and classification. Get insights into this space, including why data discovery and classification matter and what to look for in your data security solution.    

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Case study: Parsley Health’s innovative patient care includes protecting PHI with Nightfall

Parsley Health’s online presence has powered its nationwide growth over the last five years. As membership grows, so have concerns about protecting their members’ private health data. Collaboration in the cloud allows the Parsley Health team to quickly create the best health outcomes for their members and they needed a way to protect personal data from being exposed in Slack. Nightfall was up for the challenge.      

Read how Nightfall DLP supports HITRUST certification and patient data security for Parsley Health.

5 Best tools for secure data transfer

data transfer screen

Every time your business shares a file internally, with a business partner, or publicly, the risk of that data falling into the wrong hands increases. Data in motion is when data is most vulnerable to hackers, and secure data transfer should be a top priority for all IT teams. Here’s what to look for in a secure data transfer tool, some types of data transfer techniques, as well as some of the best tools out there to keep your data safe.    

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Case study: Nightfall adds DLP (and value) to Perry Health

Perry Health provides a technology-first approach to healthcare, with user-friendly mobile and web applications to facilitate improved patient-provider connections. Making things easy in healthcare requires strict compliance and data security. When CEO & co-founder Pan Chaudhury needed to add a HIPAA-compliant DLP solution to Perry Health’s Slack instance, he chose Nightfall.  

Read how Nightfall helps Perry Health protect patient data in Slack with advanced features like optical character recognition and over 100+ custom detectors.

Best tools for building your DLP tech stack

data in laptop


Most organizations are aware that data loss prevention must be a top priority, but few understand how different tools and policies must be leveraged in combination to create complete, 360-degree protection for critical data. As remote work and globalization increase, traditional methods of protecting data fail to account for data in motion and data in use on platforms like Slack, Google Drive, and AWS. If you’re seeking to build a new DLP solution from the ground up or looking to upgrade your legacy DLP solutions, here are the best tools to add to your DLP stack – and why you should consider a multi-faceted approach to data protection.  

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Case study: Foresight Mental Health is changing mental health care for the better with DLP in mind


Foresight Mental Health stands apart from other healthcare resources by connecting patients to providers and allowing people to use their insurance for mental health services that aren’t in network with insurance companies. After a wave of massive growth, Foresight Mental Health Director of Operations, Keely Strong, had a big task ahead — securing protected health information (PHI) for patients who receive care through Foresight Mental Health. She needed a DLP solution to protect patient data without slowing teams down. Keely found the solution she could trust and bring back to her technology leaders: Nightfall.  

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Which DLP tasks to automate – and which to do manually

working in office


Many organizations believe that DLP requires significant internal resources to implement and at least 18 months to start seeing a ROI. In reality, most data loss prevention steps can be done automatically using cloud-based tools like Nightfall. Here are the DLP steps that require manual effort – and the many more that can be completed using a cloud-native DLP platform.

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