Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for Salesforce

Isaac Madan
December 22, 2021
Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for SalesforceData Loss Prevention (DLP) for Salesforce
Isaac Madan
December 22, 2021
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Salesforce houses high volumes of customer information, support tickets, quotes and files, synced emails, tasks & notes, and much more. This data can often be accessed by teams across the company who may leverage Salesforce to provide prospects and customers with a great customer experience. However, allowing sensitive data like PII and credit card numbers to live within Salesforce can pose security & compliance risks.

Scan your Salesforce instance for sensitive data

With Nightfall, you can now scan a backup of Salesforce to discover sensitive data that lives at-rest in your Salesforce instance with Nightfall's data loss prevention APIs. This open source service uses Nightfall's Developer Platform, a configurable set of APIs that deliver powerful data classification and data protection capabilities as code. 

How Salesforce data loss prevention works

This service will:

  1. Send Salesforce backup data to Nightfall to be scanned
  2. Run a local webhook server that retrieves sensitive results back from Nightfall
  3. Write the sensitive findings to a CSV file. 

The scanner detects and classifies data throughout your latest Salesforce backup file, using pre-built detectors spanning PII, PHI, and PCI, plus custom detectors, exclusion/context rules, and other detectors you can define to accurately find violations with machine learning. You can customize detection using your Nightfall API Key — current Nightfall customers can apply their existing detection rules from existing integrations to scan data in Salesforce as well. The output provides a comprehensive report and audit of the sensitive data at-rest in your Salesforce instance, so that you know where your risks lie and can take action immediately.

What potential information security risks will you find in Salesforce? Fork the repo and find out with Nightfall’s open source Salesforce scanner.

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