ICYMI: 5 Major Considerations for Slack Security in 2022

Michael Osakwe
January 5, 2022
ICYMI: 5 Major Considerations for Slack Security in 2022ICYMI: 5 Major Considerations for Slack Security in 2022
Michael Osakwe
January 5, 2022
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We hosted a webinar alongside Bluecore CISO Brent Lassi to discuss data security risks facing high-growth organizations like his on SaaS systems like Slack. Watch the following clips to learn 5 important lessons about Slack and SaaS security that are worth keeping in mind this year.

SaaS applications like Slack are increasingly likely to become sites of data exposure

In this segment, Nightfall product specialist Michael Osakwe discusses the changing role SaaS applications play in modern organizations with input from Bluecore CISO Brent Lassi about how the pandemic has changed his employees' behavior. With SaaS tools like Slack substituting for in-person interactions, the chances of data expoure risks on such platforms has increased substantially.

There are three main attributes that make SaaS applications difficult to secure

In this segment, Michael provides an overview of how the basic attributes of SaaS systems can contribute to blind spots within your data security program if you fail to account for them.

Within Slack, these are the five areas where you need to manage data exposure risk

In this segment, Michael evaluates the most significant features and settings to manage within Slack to mitigate data exposure risk. Afterwards, Brent provides commentary on which Slack settings are important for his team to manage within his organization's workspace.

These are the two type of sensitive data exposure events to watch for in Slack

In this segment, Michael discusses recent breaches leveraging Slack as an attack vector and how these highlight the most common types of data exposure risks within Slack. Additionally, Brent provides insights on how to conceptualize different types of data exposure risk in Slack.

Finally, here are the four best practices for maintaining data Security in Slack

In this final segment, Michael provides four crucial tips for improving data security hygiene on Slack in order to mitigate the potential for data exposure risk on the platform.

To see the full webinar, including a Q&A with Brent, you can view it here.

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