Nightfall DLP for Snyk Customers
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What is Nightfall?

Nightfall is the leading AI-powered data leak prevention (DLP) platform for SaaS and Cloud. Automatically discover sensitive data, such as PII and credentials, that are exposed across SaaS apps, and take real-time action to protect it.


How does Nightfall work?

Nightfall is an API-based DLP solution so we integrate with cloud applications using their APIs. This means there are no agents to install or manage, and Nightfall will scan data in cloud apps regardless of what devices, clients, or networks your users are using to connect to these services.


What compliance frameworks does Nightfall help with?

Nightfall supports many compliance frameworks including geographic privacy regulation such as GDPR and industry-based frameworks such as HIPAA and PCI. Learn more about how Nightfall fits into various compliance frameworks here.


What are the benefits of Nightfall?

  • Prevent data exposure and limit the risk of data breach by limiting the availability ofsensitive data across cloud applications.

  • Proactive compliance with data regulation and frameworks. Avoid fines or problematic audits. Meet customer compliance requirements to unblock new revenue.

  • Coach and train employees to promote a security culture at the organization and safe sharing and data handling practices.

  • Improve the operational efficiency of your security and compliance team by automating DLP monitoring and lowering false positives with AI. Unblock business users who use modern SaaS applications on a day to day basis.

How does the promotion work?

You’ll receive free real-time DLP coverage for GitHub for one year.


What else does Nightfall cover?

Nightfall protects sensitive data across three deployment modes.

SaaS integrations: Nightfall has integrations with many popular SaaS applications such as Slack, Google Drive, Jira, Confluence, Zendesk, Salesforce, GitHub, and more. Learn more about our SaaS integrations here.

Developer API: Nightfall also has a Developer Platform that will allow you to scan and protect sensitive data via our APIs. You can integrate these APIs with any services you wish, such as logging infrastructure. Learn more about the Developer Platform here.

Browser plugin: With Nightfall’s browser extension, you can scan data in web-based applications such as OpenAI ChatGPT and Google Bard.


How does pricing work if we want to extend coverage?

To extend coverage, you can upgrade from the free Snyk Customer promotion to Nightfall Enterprise. Nightfall Enterprise is our SaaS DLP platform that includes all our SaaS integrations out of the box. Pricing is based on your workforce size.

For a single annual price per employee, you will receive access to all Nightfall integrations, such as Slack, Google Drive, etc. To request a quote we’ll need a few pieces of information such as your workforce size, so please schedule a meeting with our Partnerships team at


Is Nightfall secure?

Yes, Nightfall has a robust security program with enterprise-grade data protection. Data is encrypted at rest and in transit. Nightfall is SOC 2 Type 2 certified. The report is available upon request upon completion of an NDA. Please complete the NDA here or send your NDA to in order to request the SOC report.


What kind of support will I receive?

Nightfall Customers will receive onboarding and implementation materials as well as access to a key resources to ensure you are getting value out of the Nightfall platform.


I have more questions, can I talk to someone?

Absolutely, please reach out to to schedule a meeting.


Can I scan data historically?

Yes, once upgraded to Nightfall Enterprise (paid plan) you will be able to run a one-time historical scan. If you need to run historical scans more frequently, we are happy to discuss that with you too and will do our best to accommodate your needs.


Can I demo the platform?

Yes, please click here for a demo of Nightfall DLP for Snyk Customers and here for further documentation.


How do I sign up and redeem the promotion?

Email the following information to

Number of GitHub users:
When are you looking to have DLP implemented by?

After doing so, you will receive an e-signature link via email to sign up for the promotion. Once you’ve signed up, you will be introduced to the Onboarding team who will guide you through the account setup and implementation process.


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