Virtru Partners with Nightfall to Deliver Intelligent Email Encryption for Data Security & Compliance
Michael Osakwe
March 23, 2022
Virtru Partners with Nightfall to Deliver Intelligent Email Encryption for Data Security & ComplianceVirtru Partners with Nightfall to Deliver Intelligent Email Encryption for Data Security & Compliance
Michael Osakwe
March 23, 2022
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We’re excited to announce that Nightfall is partnering with Virtru, a renowned leader in email and SaaS encryption, to provide customers with an encryption solution for securing PHI in Gmail and Google Drive. Combined with our existing Google Drive data loss prevention (DLP) integration, this new solution will provide fully integrated compliance and security coverage for Google Workspace.

Using the Nightfall Developer Platform, Virtru has built a full-fledged solution capable of detecting PHI, PII, and other sensitive data within outbound email messages. Nightfall’s machine learning detectors, which power this functionality, can be tuned to whatever level of sensitivity you wish within workflows that you create. This level of specificity allows for the creation of “intelligent” object-level encryption workflows that will automate the process of encrypting emails containing sensitive content meeting your risk thresholds. Additionally, Virtru’s secure, but light-touch encryption service will ensure your data remains protected without disrupting business communications. Such a powerful solution will prove to be invaluable to security teams within highly regulated industries such as healthcare, who need to ensure every instance of PHI is stored or shared securely.

“This partnership between Nightfall and Virtru empowers providers, patients, and healthcare staff to securely share PHI via email workflows so that they can easily coordinate care and ultimately improve patient outcomes,” said John Ackerly, CEO of Virtru. “This easy-to-use, end-to-end HIPAA compliance solution for email is the first of many joint innovations to come.”

“Powering sensitive data classification and protection in every app or service is why we launched the Nightfall Developer Platform,” said Isaac Madan, co-founder, and CEO of Nightfall. “We’re excited to partner with innovative companies like Virtru who seamlessly incorporate our AI-powered detection engine within their system to provide much-needed capabilities to healthcare organizations seeking to securely share sensitive data via email at a time where virtual care delivery is at an all-time high."

You can learn more about our new integration by visiting Virtu’s site or contacting us to discuss your use case.

Nightfall’s partnerships are powered by the Nightfall Developer Platform, which enables developers to build data classification & protection into any app or service. The Developer Platform is a powerful set of APIs that can be used to inspect data wherever it lives. The objective of our platform is to democratize high-accuracy data protection infrastructure in order to enhance the data security and functionality of every app. Potential partners can learn more here or contact us here.

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